Source: Kurt Nimmo

No word yet if the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department will act on a lettersent on March 5 by the Southern Poverty Law Center to Attorney General Holder and DHS boss Napolitano. The letter calls for the government to get serious about cracking down on “extremist groups” before another Oklahoma City bombing takes the nation by surprise.

However, despite silence from the government, the establishment media has eagerly focused on the story. MSNBC, in particular, and its script-reading anchors welcoming the usual liberal “experts” have jumped up and down and all over the media-generated story.

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, who calls himself a “practical European socialist,” has reacted in predictable fashion to the SPLC letter.

“The crazies are on the rise,” O’Donnell warns. “We now have more groups who believe that the federal government is conspiring to take American’s guns and destroy their liberties as it paves the world for a global one world government.”

He introduces the SPLC flack Mark Potok who, it would seem, never grows tired of an endless round of dizzy appearances on MSNBC, CNN and other establishment venues pushing an invariable and immutable message – the “crazies,” those of us who mistrust government and follow the tragic curve of history to its ultimate destination, are dangerously growing our numbers and will soon produce another Oklahoma City terror event. Potok insists our hatred of the president of the United States is directly linked to innate racism and reactionary nativism.

“We are in a scary moment,” the former establishment media scrivener says. “It is very much reminiscent, at least to me, of the months leading up to the Oklahoma City bombing.”

Ari Melber, the establishment media propagandist who toured with team Obama in 2008 and now works as a Net movement correspondent for The Nation magazine (a periodical supported by CIA “pass-through” funding), makes certain the words “patriot” and “hatred” are interchangeable.

Melber insists “a lot of these groups aren’t interested in self-defense weaponry. They actually see themselves, if you look at some of the literature and the text, they see their communities as actually having a buildup of the kind of weapons that would help them deal with any kind of uprising or clash with the government itself.”

For these racist haters, the AR-15 is not taken up because it is a symbol standing proudly in resistance to attacks on the Second Amendment, but rather because it can be retrofitted with a “grenade launcher appendage.” The CNN, NBC, CNBC, Fox News and NPR talking head tells us “that’s the people, that’s the face of the NRA today” – terrorists with RPGs.

Despite ample literature and documentation to the contrary, Mark Potok argues “that this idea of evil globalists” targeting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is not “terribly well thought out” by the “crazies” and its promulgation has led to “the enormous expansion of these groups in the last four years.”

A faltering economy, which Keynesians chalk up to the changeless laws of nature (instead of the machinations of the Federal Reserve and banks), and more recently the orchestrated effort by federal and some state governments to restrict the Second Amendment, have produced “a kind of perfect storm in terms of fostering the growth of these groups,” Potok warns.

O’Donnell declares the “only way you can think these things is that you have to be profoundly ignorant of what’s happening in the world and the way the world works and the way the United Nations doesn’t work.” Opposition to secretive globalist trade deals dismantling America’s industrial base and exporting millions of jobs to Chinese slave factories or allowing Agenda 21 control grid authoritarianism to destroy the middle class and strangle the entrepreneurial spirt of America, for O’Donnell, is “utter dangerous madness.”

Larry is correct when he says the “phenomenon of believing that a one world government is going to take over depends on sealing yourself off from information” dispensed by the establishment media. For the establishment, this is a vexing and nearly insurmountable problem due to the fact increasing numbers of people are turning to alternative media freely available on the internet. Millions no longer plug into the propaganda matrix.

On an average day, Larry’s show draws a paltry 240,000 viewers while the Alex Jones Show routinely gathers an audience in the millions. “The Alex Jones Show is carried on over 70 AM and FM radio stations across the United States, Shortwave, and XM Radio,” writes Rachel Woodhouse. “Jones draws a bigger audience online than Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck combined,” Alexander Zaitchik writes in Rolling Stone.

It’s obvious the establishment cannot compete and is rapidly losing its once indomitable advantage. In response to this dangerous situation, it has resorted to a last ditch “B” plan – a juiced-up effort to characterize a viable political opposition as violent redneck racist terrorists wending their way toward another Oklahoma City event. For the elite, the only option is to portray Alex Jones as the new Osama bin Laden and the patriot movement as a domestic al-Qaeda.

Short of a false flag incident blamed on the patriot movement, this effort is destined to crash and burn – and it certainly will not improve Larry O’Donnell’s miserable ratings. Millions of Americans, even a large percentage of former Democrat and Republican party kool aid drinkers, know there is something dreadfully and seriously wrong with America – and it has nothing to do with gun-toting primitives and evil Tea Party revolutionaries.

It is the elite and the Leviathan government in Washington it controls. This is the stark and unavoidable fact Larry and Mark and Ari are attempting to hide from view.

Distracting us with phantom terrorists will not change the picture.