Seeking to make a point about firearms, a Michigan man decided to open carry his .45-cal. handgun at his daughter’s school and later uploaded the footage to YouTube. The father says he made sure to first notify the school, the Michigan State Police, the county sheriff and other local law enforcement officials that he would be exercising his right to carry a gun.

The man behind the video told TheBlaze on Wednesday that he was not legally required to alert police or school officials that he would be carrying a gun. But rather than risk causing a panic, the man decided to let them know he would be legally carrying a firearm on school property.

“Decided to exercise my rights to carry a gun. In a school. As many of you know, federal law prohibits civilians (me) from carrying a gun near a school unless licensed by their state. As a CPL holder I am licensed,” the man wrote in the YouTube video description. “I want to exercise my rights, but not endanger myself or the rights of others while doing it.”

The man also urges others not to attempt to carry a firearm on school grounds without knowing all applicable laws, which vary in different states and counties. The video was uploaded to YouTube on April 25, 2013. It was recorded on the same day, the man who shot the video told TheBlaze.

A woman, who the video claims is a sheriff’s deputy, can be heard expressing concerns about kids seeing the firearm and becoming alarmed. “Obviously, you and I know I can’t stop you…I hope you realize what this is going to do to all those kids down there.”


“The kids will be alright,” the man replies.

The video later shows the man standing in a school hallway with his .45-cal. handgun strapped on his hip. According to the father, his daughter and other students didn’t even seem to notice he was armed.

“Notice the lack of pandemonium from the gun,” the caption in the video reads as children enjoy a book fair.

Michigan Dad Decides to Open Carry .45 Cal. Handgun at His Daughters School to Make a Point


The rest of the man’s trip to the school was seemingly incident free. He later had a conversation with the deputy about Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder recently vetoing a bill that would have permitted citizens with extra training to carry concealed weapons.

“To be honest with you, that would be better,” the woman identified as a deputy says, talking about concealed carry.

“I am not in handcuffs,” the father says in the video as he makes his way to his car. “How about that? Exercise your rights.”

He may have avoided getting in trouble with the law,  however, the man does note in the video that his wife was not happy with him over the stunt.

Watch the video below:

What do you think of the father’s decision to open carry a firearm at his daughter’s school – a reasonable way to exercise his Second Amendment rights or irresponsible?