Part of ‘Intellistreets’ rollout?

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Strange new street signs being installed across Las Vegas are prompting suspicions from concerned readers, one of whom sent us the following images. Are these new signs part of the nationwide ‘Intellistreets’ rollout of so-called “smart” hubs that eavesdrop on conversations?


“My neighbor brought it to my attention that these very suspicious-looking road signs are being installed throughout Las Vegas on the major streets,” David wrote to us. “The enormous amount of road construction they are doing to install these must cost someone (the taxpayers, I’m sure) a fortune. My neighbor was quite alarmed when he saw these. He took photos and has been asking everyone if they know anything about them-no one will say anything; even the construction workers actually installing have no info about them. The signs are obviously electronic with large control boxes and antennae attached.”

Although it was reported last year that 41,000 new LED street lamps were being installed throughout Las Vegas, these devices don’t appear to be for lighting, they appear to be for displaying digital messages.

As we previously reported, the Intellistreets system which is currently being installed in cities across the US relies on “smart” street lamps connected by a ubiquitous wi-fi network that have numerous “homeland security applications,” including the ability to “engage captive audiences” via a loudspeaker system and give audible warnings to individuals.

The system is “also capable of recording conversations,” according to a report by ABC 7.

The lights can also be fitted with a digital display similar to the one seen in the photos below which can be used for both advertising and security announcements.

The company behind the street lights, Illuminating Concepts, responded to the controversy over ‘Intellistreets’ last year by ludicrously claiming the system did not represent a “big brother” intrusion. ABC 7 confirmed that the company was “working with Homeland Security” to implement the high tech network.

If any of our readers are aware of the purpose of these new street signs in Las Vegas, please let us know in the comments below.

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