Source: Anthony Gucciardi

Americans no longer know the purpose of Memorial Day beyond a period of time in which burgers and hot dogs are grilled to perfection in ‘celebration’ of the holiday. So what are they celebrating?

As you can see in Mark Dice’s video below, in which Americans have no idea what they are celebrating through cookouts and family gatherings, the very meaning of Memorial Day is entirely lost. Of course Memorial Day, for those who may be unaware, is a day that is set aside as a holiday in order to remember those who have died while serving in any area of the United States military — a holiday that stems back all the way to the conclusion of the American Civil War in order to honor the Union and Confederate soldiers who were killed by either side. In other words, it’s not some new tradition that was created out of thin air.

As one of the individuals interviewed explained, he simply doesn’t care what the holiday is as long as he gets off from work for one day. Whether it’s celebrating our sovereignty, the countless men and women who died fighting under the nation, or really anything — as long as it means a day off from work, it doesn’t matter! Can you imagine this attitude when it comes to the reality of what’s going on in our countrytoday? It’s no wonder that the banks are getting away withfunding Mexican drug cartels and other groups without a hitch.

If it means getting off from work and having some friends over, who really cares? Checkout the video below:

And it’s a holiday that passes through left verses right and even through the war debate when considering its deep roots back throughout United States history. At the very least, just knowing what the holiday represents amounts to a baseline level of elementary knowledge. I must say I am amazed. I’ve seen people sign away their constitutional rights through Mark’s clipboards, petition to ban war, and I’ve even conducted similar experiments myself, but these videos still surprise me.

As it turns out, people are so driven by mainstream media theater that they will actually, in many cases, derive their opinions from their favorite talking head. Such is the case with those who responded to my question of how many people they estimate are killed with rifles each year with ‘over 1 million’ and other wild figures that blew my mind (it’s actually only 348). And why would they think this? Well, many of them cited mass shootings as the reason. The ‘epidemic’ of mass shootings that they see on the 24/7 news cycle following any such incident.

The same mass shootings that the Department of Justice (DOJ) says kill a maximum of 35 people per year and divert a large amount of precious time and energy from law enforcement away from larger threats. Threats like thousands of deaths from blunt weapons, hands, feet, and knives that outnumber rifle deaths by the thousands.

I decided to cover this video and topic to get across this bottom line point: If we have individuals who simply do not care one bit to think about what they have been ‘celebrating’ each year for their entire lives, especially with Memorial Day representing something of real significance, are we really surprised how many people blindly go along with government and mega corporations? Whether they follow mainstream media theater, or simply live in a ‘pastime paradise’ full of mindless entertainment, remember that these are the people who call critical thinkers ‘conspiracy theorists’ for asking questions.