Police regard confab as potential “terrorist” target

Source: Steve Watson

Police in Hertfordshire have enacted a no-fly zone over this weekend’s Bilderberg meeting at The Grove hotel in Watford, claiming that they did not previously publicly acknowledge that the event was taking place so as not to attract “terrorists”.

While Watford Chief Inspector, Nick Caveney, said: “There is no information regarding a terrorism threat,” he added, “However it must be recognised that there will be a number of high-profile people involved in going to this event and with previous terrorist events we have had not intel that something would happen.”

The comments were made at a community meeting last night at Watford Town Hall, at which local reporters were told that police will be ready to enforce anti-terror laws to ensure security.

“That was the reason it was not appropriate for us to be speaking and recognising publicly that the event was going on.” Caveney added, in a claim that appears to be nothing more than a convenient excuse on behalf of Hertfordshire police to explain away the routine secrecy surrounding Bilderberg.

Now that the mainstream media has caught wind of the event, mainly owing to reports on Infowars.com and in The Watford Observer, the veil of secrecy has been somewhat lifted.

The stubborn incompetence of Watford council in denying protesters access to public parkland, has also raised awareness of the meeting, with local resident furious that their roads have been offered as parking sites to protestors.

In response to a backlash against Bilderberg stemming from the fact that taxpayers will have to foot the security bill, it is claimed that the group has made a “donation”, to cover some of those costs. Police have still refused to say exactly how much that amount is, however, claiming that anyone who wants to know will be able to find out after the event, via the Freedom of Information Act.

“I am confident the operation will be cost neutral for the taxpayers of Hertfordshire. A donation has been made by the organisers of the conference.” said Chief Inspector Dave Rhodes.

“That is a private amount not to be disclosed at this stage. We don’t know how much the operation will cost at this stage.” he added.

Police also said that they believed reports of thousands of potential protesters converging on Watford were overhyped, indicating that they only expect around 100 people to come into the area, based on previous Bilderberg group meetings.

Of course, previous Bilderberg meetings, including last year’s, have been held in remote sites such as the Swiss Alps. Watford, being a 30 minute journey from London, is hardly in the same boat.

Yesterday, Alex Jones arrived at The Grove hotel and witnessed workmen erecting a huge ring of steel perimeter. This begs the question, if police believe only 100 people are going to protest the event, why are such measures necessary?