Tonight is the Supermoon.  The Supermoon is when the moon is closer to the Earth on orbit, resulting in a bigger and brighter moon than usual.  But will it cause an Earthquake?


Several triggers are in place for one to happen.  First, the Supermoon.  Retired USGS Geologist Jim Berkland long looked at the Moon as a trigger for Earthquakes.  He produces Earthquake windows for the Ring of Fire based on the Moon phase between the Earth and the Sun.  This is called, Syzygy, a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies.

When the Moon is Full, the Earth is between it and the Sun.  This causes extreme force on the planet, with higher tides as well.  Berkland claims this is a trigger to quakes.

My own triggers have to do with weather systems and geomagnetic fields.  My theories of geomagnetic fields being a trigger to Earthquakes date back many years, before the new millennium took place.  Higher geomagnetic field readings are in place right now.

Earth is inside a stream of solar wind flowing from a very large coronal hole.  A coronal hole is a section on the Sun where solar wind can escape into space, traveling at many hundreds of km/sec.  This is due to continue through the weekend.

These three triggers may be enough to trigger mechanisms in faults we still have not uncovered.   Earthquakes may be triggered in ways we haven’t discovered and this will be a good test on what will happen over the next several days to a week.

Earthquake or not, go outside and view the Supermoon tonight.


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