Satirical petitioner wages war against free speech while wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt.

Source: Kit Daniels

With the name Ron Paul emblazoned across his chest, media analyst and political activist Mark Dice asked California beach goers to sign a petition banning Christian symbols from public view.

“In your own home, it’s fine,” Dice said to a lady as she scribbled her name onto his clipboard. “But once you come out in public, you’re on public property.”

“I’m with you,” the lady said.

“No First Amendment for the Christians anymore, right?” Dice asked hypothetically.

“Ha ha ha ha, I’m with you,” the lady emphasized.

Another signer offered his own input. “My neighbors, every year for Christmas, they put up this big, old thing; it offends me,” he said, seemingly oblivious that Christmas is a religious holiday.

This isn’t the first time Dice has used faux petition drives to show the trance-like, “us vs. them” mentality prevalent in the general public. Earlier this month Dice asked beach goers to support theHolocaust Beach Party. Dice has also “pushed” a petition to repeal the Second Amendment.

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