Source: Kurt Nimmo



Egypt’s Tamarod Campaign is an unprecedented petition drive calling for the impeachment of Mohamed Morsi. Tamarod claims to have more than 15 million signatures. That’s 2 million more than voted for Morsi in last year’s presidential elections.The Egypt Independent, an English-language newspaper, claims the number is much higher – around 22 million signatures, a significant percentage of the nation’s 82 million citizens.

The group plans “to announce their full count ahead of Sunday’s protests but have claimed to have as many as 20 million signatures, which they collate, confirm and record in a database in a precise operation, knowing their count will be questioned,” ABC News reported last week.

Tamarod – Arabic for “rebellion” – rapidly expanded from a petition drive into a full-blown grass roots political movement that is now challenging the Muslim Brotherhood and its radical Sunni Salafist allies in the north African country. It is calling for a long-term sit-in and boycotts of payment to the government for electricity, water, gas, taxes, and taxi fees. If Morsi refuses to step down, Tamarod proposes the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court serve as acting president until new elections can be held.

The demand was echoed by Egypt’s military. On Monday, it issued a statement warning it will take over the government if Morsi does not agree to step down.

Meanwhile, in the United States, a number of petitions calling for the removal of Barack Obama from office – for violating the Constitution and waging illegal wars – have not only floundered, they have devolved into a corporate media joke and are dismissed as the meandering of extremists and lunatics.

Our petition calling for Obama to resign posted on the “We the People” website back on June 7 has so far received 26,000 signatures, far short of the 100,000 required to have it officially considered by the government. It now has less than a week to get more than 73,000 signatures.

World Net Daily petition urging Congress to impeach Obama for numerous “high crimes and misdemeanors” has so far reached 106,000 signatures, a miniscule number in a nation of over 300 million people.

Polls consistently show Obama in negative popularity territory. “The Presidential Leadership Index fell to 43.2 from 48.9 a month earlier, the lowest since Obama took office. The 11.7% monthly decline also was his worst ever. It’s the fourth straight reading below 50, signaling disapproval,” reports today.

“Revelations about the National Security Agency’s surveillance of Americans’ phone records and Internet activity dominated headlines over the past month. Meanwhile, more news came out of the IRS’ targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.”

Despite multiple scandals, millions of Americans either approve of Obama’s performance or just don’t give a damn (or more likely, are not paying attention enough to form an opinion), a situation that sends a strong message about the political situation in the United States.

It is not clear if Americans will ever care about what happens politically in the United States or if they will ever take definitive action against the government like the people of Egypt have done.

Of course, a lot of the impetus in Egypt is driven by poverty and the globalist wrecking ball, a situation that has yet to reach America to the degree it has reached Egypt and the third world.

A rising chorus of voices warn that it will soon enough. Unfortunately, those voices are more often than not ignored, or dismissed as alarmism by the establishment and the corporate media.