A group of patriotic Americans in Utah have Fourth of July plans, not to watch firework displays, eat hot dogs or get drunk, but rather to defend liberty.


Jean-Philippe Boulet, via Wikimedia Commons


Citizens frustrated with the government’s domestic spying and evisceration of the Fourth Amendment are organizing a protest scheduled to take place tomorrow outside of the NSA’s Utah Data Center in Bluffdale where they will rally against the oppressive tyranny of an arrogant, overreaching government spy program and fight for the few liberties we have left.


The group is calling for everyone and anyone worried about our civil liberties being flushed down the toilet to join them.

Author and survivalist expert Joel Skousen is part of the organizing effort and sent the following urging as many people as possible to join the protest:

This is an important message alerting you to a citizen’s rally protesting the flagrant setting-aside of the Fourth Amendment to The Constitution of the United States of America.

The National Security Agency’s colossal Bluffdale, Utah data center is about to become operational. Because of the dismissive attitude of the U.S.

Federal Government with respect to our formerly guaranteed right of privacy as well as the inestimable power of the emergent quantum computer technology which will be employed at the new N.S.A. site, the last vestiges of a way of life bequeathed us by our Founding Fathers and paid for by eight years of terrible struggle against the British Empire is about to disappear.

Please join Dr. A. True Ott, myself and others as we gather near the intersection of Redwood Rd. and the access road to the facility, just south of Camp Williams, at 9AM on Thursday, July 4th for a peaceful rally intended to draw public attention to the awesome capability and singular threat reposing in this establishment.

On today’s show, Alex also called for people to protest the NSA centers in Fort Meade, MD and San Antonio, TX on Saturday at high noon.