Miami-area sheriff’s office talking to federal agencies and asking residents not to riot.

Source: Kit Daniels

The Broward Sheriff’s Office, whose jurisdiction includes a large portion of the Miami metropolitan area, released a video yesterday urging residents not to riot in response to the Travyon Martin shooting trial which now appears to lean heavily in George Zimmerman’s favor.

“Let’s give violence a rest because we could easily end up arrested,” one of the performers in the video said. “Law enforcement has your back.”

“Let’s back up and choose not to act up and deputies are with us so no need to act tough.”

The video’s web site states that the sheriff’s office Strategic Investigation Division has been communicating to not only to community leaders but also local, state, and federal agencies.

Could potential federal response be similar to the martial law encountered earlier this year in Boston?

Miami is not taking the threats of riots lightly. The city experienced one of the worst race riots in history after the May 1980 acquittal of four police officers in the death of African-American Arthur McDuffie.

Damages from that riot were estimated at $100 million.

The Miami metropolitan area had a population of around 3.2 million then. It’s over 5.5 million now.

Fox News reports that a forensic expert revealed that the trajectory of the bullet and Martin’s gunshot wound indicates Martin was on top of Zimmerman.

“The medical evidence is consistent with his statement,” Dr. Vincent Di Maio told the court regarding Zimmerman’s account of the shooting.

Discoveries found during Martin’s autopsy, such as abrasions on his clenched hands, could also support Zimmerman’s recollection of the shooting, according to USA Today.

The prosecution rested their case on Friday and the defense is expected to rest their case later this week.

As reported by Paul Joseph Watson yesterday, threats of mass rioting and violence in the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial are intensifying as the key terms “riot” and “Zimmerman” continue to bring higher and higher search results on Twitter.

The Miami Herald even reported that the Miami-Dade Community Relations Board reached out to the Miami Heat, asking them to perform a “unity walk” to try and calm unrest.

“There is unrest in the south. I think it’s a powder keg,” Rev. Al Jackson told the Miami Herald. “People are looking for outlets.”

Zimmerman, 29, pleaded not guilty to the charge of second-degree murder, which could mean life in prison if convicted. Under Florida statue, second-degree murder constitutes having a “depraved mind regardless of human life.”