Soon soldiers will not be required to wage the empire’s forever wars. No PTSD, no medical issues, no need for the VA — and no reluctance to pull the trigger.

A terminator robot is right around the corner. It will be the perfect fit for the New Army with its joystick drone warriors killing designated bad guys – and collateral damage women and children – from great distances.

Boston Dynamics has developed a 6-foot tall “humanoid robot” called Atlas in response to DARPA’s Virtual Robotics Challenge, “a contest aimed to create robots that can help in disaster situations. Of course, they could also be used by the military,” according to Fast Company.

“Give it a few years and a robot like Atlas may be pulling survivors from tumbled buildings in post-earthquake scenarios,” writes Kit Eaton. “And possibly terrifying the crap out of enemy soldiers on the battlefield.”

Unless, of course, the enemy soldiers are robots, too.