Source: Anthony Gucciardi

As Detroit files for bankruptcy, the largest city in history ever to do so, we are reminded of the 2012 Obama speech quote in which the president boasts that he ‘refused to let Detroit go bankrupt’ following his ‘revival’ of the auto industry (through absorbing corporations into the bloated government system).

While indeed a speech that was focused on his ‘revival’ of the auto industry through expanding government further into the pants of private business, like a TSA agent patting down an attractive woman, this video is critical as it highlights the now blatant facade that our economy is ‘recovering’ with the help of Big Brother Obama and the help of our government. This is in sharp contrast to reality, of course, which shows us that the $83 billion in public taxpayer funding to the mega banks that finance the Mexican drug cartels on record is not a good investment — let alone the bloated Federal Reserve system that acts as a colossal leech on the income streams of average Americans.

But let’s look at Detroit. Facing billions in debt, Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection in federal court on July 18th in what amounts to another mega bailout for an entire city that is the absolute epitome of a collapsed society. We’re talking record crime rates, which data shows is the result of insane gun control laws that stop law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves from gang members and drug dealers (as usual), and we’re also talking complete government incompetency. Or worse, complete government corruption.


You see, as I look further and further into all of the information and news out there, I’ve started to come to the conclusion that government incompetency is really much more true in lower level positions. The high level guys, at least high level in terms of citywide politics or statewide politics, are usually very sharp — at least sharp enough to know how the system works. And when your city is collapsing around you with cash bleeding out left and right, barely paying the understaffed police force that oftentimes then even gets into the crime business itself, it’s hard to actually be a good person.

In fact, it’s inviting to criminal politicians — it’s almost a requirement.

Is it all Obama’s fault? No, that’s not what this is about. Obama is really not even the top of the food chain, and we know that. What Obama is, however, is the face of massive, bloated government. Government that says ‘you didn’t build’ your business. A government that is so metastasized that it is now one big TSA agent reaching down theproverbial pants of America. And that will never work.

Detroit may be the face of what’s to come, and what will happen when the national and international economy descends into debt collapse. As of right now, only ignorant investors and stock brokers are buying into this phony ‘recovery’ that is always just around the corner. Until we take real action against the leeches of our nation at large, like the mega bankers sucking us dry along with the Federal Reserve and anti-Constitution agencies like DHS and NSA, we will always be getting closer to a Detroit scenario.

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