When a flash mob of around 40 teenagers went on a crime spree in Hollywood’s tourist center on Tuesday night, the LA Times reported that the riot was not related to the George Zimmerman verdict, contradicting a police official who later said the “protesters” were shouting “Let’s go mess up Hollywood for Trayvon,” as they conducted their rampage.

Wearing masks and hoodies, the teenagers, “invaded the busiest and most tourist-centric part of Hollywood, smashing windows, stealing cellphones, and assaulting passersby. The police described the incident as a “rolling crime wave,” reports Breitbart.

According to police, the mob charged down Hollywood Blvd., robbing stores, stealing a cash register and grabbing women’s purses. The riot was organized beforehand via social media – another slap in the face for many in the media who tried to downplay a multitude of threats made by Trayvon Martin supporters on Twitter to riot and loot. The police arrested 12 people, 11 of which were juveniles.

The incident was just one of several riots to grip areas of Los Angeles and Oakland in the days after the announcement of the Zimmerman verdict.A separate incident on Wednesday night involving anti-Zimmerman “protesters” attempting to loot a shopping mall in Victorville ended with 17 arrests.

In an article published immediately after the incident, the LA Times’ Joel Rubin, Andrew Blankstein and Emily Alpert reported that , “The crimes did not appear to be related to the protests over the George Zimmerman acquittal in the slaying of Trayvon Martin.”

48 hours later the truth emerged. Contrary to the LA Times’ claim, the mob conducted their crime spree while shouting, “Let’s go mess up Hollywood for Trayvon,” according to According to LAPD Commander Andy Smith.

“They’re using Trayvon as an excuse,” added Smith, noting that the teenagers took advantage of police resources being redirected to deal with similar unrest in Crenshaw.

While progressive media outlets were publishing smarmy articles scorning conservative news websites as racist for predicting pro-Trayvon riots that never arrived, such riots were actually taking place but the media’s refusal to admit a direct connection to the Zimmerman verdict ensured they went largely unreported at the national level.

The LA Times’ deliberate cover-up of a connection between the Hollywood riot and the Zimmerman verdict sparks questions as to what other crimes have similarly been buried by the media in the aftermath of the controversy in order to hide a connection to Trayvon Martin protesters.