DPS director plans to “re-familiarize” his officers with the department’s policy on roadside cavity and strip searches

Source: Julie Wilson

A female Texas Department of Transportation (DPS) trooper who performed a roadside body cavity search on two females has been reinstated with the force on Friday, reports KTRK-TV.

DPS Director Steve McCraw has decided to rehire rookie Trooper Jennie Bui who was placed on suspension, after a grand jury failed to indict her on any wrongdoings.

McCraw says Bui was simply following the orders of a more senior officer, and therefore should not be terminated.

A July Infowars report described the humiliation two young women endured when they were stopped for speeding by Troopers Nathaniel Turner and Jenny Bui on Memorial Day last year.

Turner ignored one of the women’s requests to cover herself up (since she was wearing only a bathing suit), and also answered one of the women’s cell phones during the stop.

Turner said he smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle and called Bui for assistance.

Once on the scene, Bui performed embarrassing body cavity searches in plan view on both women along a Houston highway.

Even more disturbingly, Bui did not change her gloves in between searches.

“It was determined that the relatively inexperienced trooper was directed by a more senior trooper to conduct the inappropriate search,” said McCraw.

McCraw also said, “While the actions of Trooper Bui constitute misconduct, I believe her actions are mitigated such that she should not be terminated from the agency.”

Bui will be suspended without pay for 60 days, placed on six months disciplinary probation and receive additional training on search and seizure procedures, reports KVUE.

McCraw claims he is making an effort to “re-familiarize” his officers with the department’s policy on roadside cavity and strip searches.

As for Turner, McCraw calls his conduct “unacceptable” and a blatant violation of DPS policy.

Turner was terminated upon the results of an internal investigation.

McCraw insists that “DPS holds it employees to the highest standards,” and the department continue to “take immediate action in any instance of misconduct” to ensure its employees are held accountable.

The two women filed a federal lawsuit against DPS and are currently in litigation. They are expected to make an appearance on the Alex Jones Show this week.