“That’s a good cause.”

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

A new ‘man on the street’ video produced by media critic Mark Dice shows Obama supporters in California eagerly signing a petition to add cancer-causing carcinogens to the water supply in the name of aiding the President’s Obamacare program.

Carcinogens are any substance that causes cancer, a fact that Obama supporters in San Diego are blissfully unaware of.

Citing the cost of Obamacare to taxpayers, Dice told petition signers of the need to “add some carcinogens to the water supply so everybody gets a dose of carcinogens,” adding that he was representing “the cancer society of America.”

“A lot of people don’t get enough carcinogens so we just figured….we’re just gonna get people to sign the petition to support adding the carcinogens,” Dice informed another signatory, before telling him, “Have a good time drinking those carcinogens.”

Dice also invoked the term “1 percent” to elicit support for the petition as he told signatories of the many “health benefits” of carcinogens, comparing it to adding fluoride to the water supply to keep people’s teeth healthy.

When Dice told another man that “cancer survivors” were supporting adding carcinogens to the water supply, the man responded, “that’s a good cause.”

At the end of the video, Dice manages to find two people who actually know what carcinogens are, telling them, “Thank you for listening and not being braindead zombies.”

Once again, Dice’s video illustrates not just how dumb and uninformed huge numbers of Americans still are, but how they will blindly agree to virtually anything so long as it is qualified by the words “support Obama”.

This slavish acceptance by the majority of anything that comes approved by the state reminds us why America is a Republic and not a Democracy, emphasizing the vital function of the Constitution and the rule of law to protect the minority from the dangerous obsequiousness of a population that is so uninterested in educating itself on real issues that it greases the skids for government corruption and malfeasance to run wild.