Source: Mike Adams
Natural News

NYPD cops have made headlines once again by attempting to shoot an unarmed man but instead shooting innocent bystanders, reports the Wall Street Journal. This is yet another incident in which NYPD officers have been identified as the primary shooters who injured innocent people: In August of last year, NYPD cops managed to shoot nine innocent bystanders in the so-called “Empire State Building” shooting.

Image: Shooting incident.

In that incident, NYPD cops “fired randomly into the street, striking nine bystanders in the legs, buttocks and elbow.” Mayor Bloomberg initially blamed the suspect for the shooting, but it later came out that all the victims had been shot by New York cops.

Today’s shooting was apparently not nearly as bad, involving the NYPD shooting only two innocent bystanders rather than nine. NYPD cops apparently need to carry more ammo if they hope to beat the previous record of nine. Maybe they should carry TWO handguns so they can “go gansta” and fire off two guns at a time, aiming neither of them.

I have yet to see a news report about NYPD cops actually hitting their intended target with gunfire. Hence the headline of this article. My theory is that these guys aren’t getting sufficient trigger time at the police range, so they’ve had to use innocent bystanders as target practice in order to “keep up their skillz.”

Because the only thing worse than hitting these bystanders intentionally would be the realization that NYPD cops are such bad shots that they are shooting innocent people ACCIDENTALLY.

Imaginary gun goes “Bang! Bang!”

By the way, if you’re wondering why these NYPD cops started shooting at this unarmed bad guy, it’s because — get this — they claimed the man “allegedly put his hand into his pocket and then took it out, making a motion as if he was shooting in the direction of the police officers,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

Hold on a sec, there. So the guy had an imaginary gun? As in, his finger and a thumb? Like, “Bang! Bang! Bang!” style? Kids’ playground stuff?

So New York cops think a guy running around with his finger and thumb, screaming “Bang! Bang! Bang!” is so dangerous to the public that they must fire their own guns into the crowd, striking innocent bystanders?

Someone please tell me these aren’t the same cops who are going to “keep the peace” when the U.S. debt pyramid implodes, causing spontaneous bank holidays followed by mayhem in the streets of every major U.S. city.

By the way, in case you haven’t already figured this out, the old, “he reached into his pocket” story is a line of complete B.S. that cops use when they try to justify why they shot an unarmed person. This same excuse can be made for anyone at anytime. A cop can walk right up to you, pull out a gun, point it at your head and pull the trigger, all while claiming you “reached into your pocket” and he thought you were going to pull out a gun, so he “shot in self defense.”

That’s the mind game these NYPD cops are playing. Don’t be fooled into thinking these cops were actually playing by the rules. They were trying to murder this individual, but they are so utterly incompetent with firearms that they couldn’t even hit him with three attempts. Apparently, the answer is to give ‘em more firepower, right? I think we should let Bloomberg’s cops carry full-auto weapons on the streets of New York with full permission from Bloomberg to use them against shops that sell extra large sodas.

Being a cop is hard. Being a GOOD cop is even harder

Now, I have no illusions that being a New York cop is a tough, risky job. But being a New York bystander… now THAT’S a risky situation because you’re unarmed and completely at the mercy of the NYPD’s spontaneous target practice sessions.

All kidding aside, Natural News honors the GOOD cops on the streets of American cities who actually do exercise restraint when dealing with potentially dangerous individuals. Being a cop is a tough job. Being a good cop is even tougher. Nevertheless, there are good cops — who actually can hit their intended targets, by the way — all across America, and we need ‘em to prevent bad guys from overrunning society (which they would do in an instant if you give them the chance).

So here’s to all the GOOD cops across America. Maybe you guys can give the NYPD some badly-needed lessons on the four rules of gun safety…