The small business owner lost over $50,000 after the City of Austin shutdown his water access

Source: Julie Wilson
In yet another implementation of Agenda 21, the City of Austin is forcing Dan Walker to shut down his family-owned kayak and tube rental business.

MOC Kayaks and East Side Tubes has been operating within the city for more than eight years without any problems until Memorial Day weekend when Walker’s neighbors reportedly acted under the DHS’s “See something, Say something” campaign, reporting the business after they expanded from kayak rentals to tube rentals, and began facilitating a shuttle route starting below the Longhorn Dam and ending at the Montopolis Bridge.

Soon, the city began making claims against Walker’s business using nanny-state regulations leading first to a closure and then to last week’s court date.

Despite operating without any problems for more than two years at his east side location, the city is now citing Walker for operating without the correct certificate of occupancy, and even deemed his pathway to the water unsafe.

MOC Kayak and Tube Rentals

MOC Kayak and Tube Rentals

Walker argues out of the 20,000 customers that have safely navigated the footpath, no one has ever gotten hurt. This illustrates that the citations used by the city are merely justifications for implementing Agenda 21 and allowing big corporate monopolies to function in the same fashion, while shutting down the “mom & pop” type operations.

It’s no secret that Austin, Texas is the model city for Agenda 21, a plan where inside, corporate fortune 500 interests write the zoning codes globally to be implemented locally in an attempt to shut down all main-street USA type operations.

The big monopolistic capitalist combines seek controlled markets, eliminating competition from smaller businesses. This concept is proven by the Rockefeller dynasty when John D. Rockefeller famously said, “Competition is a sin.”

Since the city cut off Walker’s access to the water, he’s lost over $50,000 in business, essentially shutting him down. When he went to seek a temporary injunction against he city, the presiding Law Judge David Phillips, admitted the city was messing up a good thing, but still sided with the city arguing they were acting within their rights.

“The government gives the government a lot of discretion,” said the judge. “And this is an area that falls within their discretion,” as reported by the Austin Chronicle.

Alex Jones himself is an aficionado of river tubing, and has tubed near the facility and describes them as your typical good “mom & pop” tube-floating business. He’s also used the corporate facilities associated with the big hotels downtown, and many of their facilities are in much worse condition than MOC Kayaks and East Sides Tubes.

The move to shut down the family-owned business, whose facility is better than most, is completely hypocritical and the perfect example of selective enforcement.

It’s evident the downtown area doesn’t want competition with private property owners running a similar business miles away. It’s absolutely an all-out assault on water rights and common law jurisdiction.

Last year Infowars exposed the UN’s Agenda 21 plan as a take over of Central Texas and other states under the disguise of “sustainable development” and “smart growth.” See below for the investigative report in which Austin bureaucrats deny any connection or knowledge of Agenda 21. The report also includes an interview with an Urban Design and Landscape Architecture professor at the University of Texas who teaches a class on Agenda 21.

For the lowdown on Agenda 21, visit the Infowars store for Rosa Koire’s book “Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21.