@FLOTUS faces major backlash for brash #shutdown tweet.

Source: Adan Salazar
Today, the First Lady relayed via Twitter that her feed might go sans updates due to the current political stalemate in Congress over the de-funding of Obamacare, a message that came as a shock to her legion of followers, many of whom were revealed last week to be fake.

“Due to Congress’s failure to pass legislation to fund the government, updates to this account will be limited. #Shutdown,” Michelle Obama tweeted earlier today.

While many of the First Lady’s followers immediately saw through her attempt to place the shutdown blame on Congress, several others were perturbed by the notion that taxpayers were funding messaging from a personal Twitter account.

At least one tweet targeted the health law itself – which was written and lobbied for by insurance companies; others were more venomous:

Last week, The Daily Caller revealed that of the 5.2 million @MichelleObama followers, nearly 2 million were not real.

“According to the Twitter analytics application Status People, 37 percent of Michelle Obama’s 5,290,506 Twitter followers — or approximately 1,957,487 followers — are considered fake,” reported the Daily Caller. “Thirty-five percent of her followers are inactive, and 28 percent are considered ‘good,’ or real.”

The @MichelleObama account is run by the nonprofit group Organizing for Action, however the government shutdown tweet was sent from her @FLOTUS account, which is run by the Office of First Lady. The Daily Caller says that of @FLOTUS’ 522 thousand followers, “only 25 percent… are considered fake. 38 percent are inactive, and 37 percent are considered ‘good.’”

The First Lady’s army of fake followers were nothing compared to Obama’s. The Daily Caller notes that “Over half of Obama’s Twitter followers, according to a Sept. 20 Daily Caller report, are fake – 55 percent, or 20.2 million out of 36.8 million followers, to be more exact.”