Mother vows to fight: “A child that has no history of violence is now classified as a violent offender.”

Source: Steve Watson


An eight-year-old child has been suspended from a Florida elementary school for forming his hand into a gun shape in yet another case of knee jerk overreaction by education officials.


WKMG-TV news reports that Jordan Bennett was handed a one-day suspension for playing a pretend game of ‘cops and robbers’ in the school yard at Harmony Community School in St. Cloud.


The boy’s mother is livid, and says that the punishment will tarnish her son’s record.


“There was nothing in his hand. He used his thumb and index finger,” Bonnie Bennett said. “It was a game. He made no threatening advances or threats to harm anyone. No words were said.”


“They took a child that has never been in trouble before and went to the extreme,” the mother added. “A child that has no history of violence is now classified as a violent offender.”


Without providing any specifics, the Osceola County School District told reporters that they did not see the incident as a harmless game, and that the boy’s actions “violated the code of student conduct”.


Mrs Bennett says she is willing to fight the District in order to get the suspension rescinded.


“I’m prepared to go to court if I have to because this is wrong. It’s wrong for my son and any other child if they’re faced with the same thing because of a game,” Bennett said.


This latest incident comes in the wake of a spate of similar stories. Such incidents seem to have once again increased in frequency since the Navy Yard shooting last month.


In the past few weeks, two teen boys in Virginia received a one year suspension from school for playing with a toy airsoft gun at home, a 15-year-old in Rome, NY is facing criminal charges for playing with an airsoft gun in the courtyard of his friend’s apartment complex, and a Middle School in Michigan was placed on lockdown for 30 minutes after a student brought one of the toys into the building.


Furthermore, a 9-year-old in Michigan was indefinitely suspended for pretending a plastic toy was a gun, and a 15-year- old in Louisiana was jailed for “shooting” people using an iPhone app.


In another incident, a seven year old in Harrisburg, Pa was suspended from school as a “weapons offender” for bringing a novelty ‘clown’ type buzzer pen onto his school bus and showing a friend.


Following last year’s Sandy Hook tragedy, we documented a spate of similar incidents involving bubble guns, lego guns and even food bitten into the shape of a gun.