How can Americans even begin to understand Obamacare or the government shut down?

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

In his latest ‘man on the street’ video, Mark Dice talks to Obama supporters in San Diego who struggle to work out which political party Obama is actually affiliated with.

The majority of the people Dice talked to didn’t know which party Obama was associated with and some even thought he was in fact a Republican.

One man thought Obama was associated with the “best ideas” party.

“The average American is a zombie and doesn’t even know what political party he stands for,” Dice tells one man who asserted that Obama was a Republican. “I would agree,” the man responds.

“What political party is Barack Obama affiliated with?” Dice asks another man, who responds, “It’s one of those.”

In response to the same question, another woman responds, “I have nothing good to say, I’m sorry.”

The clip would be hilarious if it wasn’t a tragic reflection of how dumbed down and ignorant of basic facts Americans have become in the modern era. Given that a substantial percentage of them don’t even know that Obama is a Democrat, how could they possibly hope to understand things like Obamacare or the government shut down?

If you think that this footage is a misrepresentation of the average intelligence of Obama supporters and other politically naive Americans, then you should probably become familiar with Dice’s countless other videos, which all point to the same conclusion. They include;

– Obamacare supporters signing a petition to add birth control drugs to the water supply;

– Students at the University of California accepting “abortion in a can” fruit juice drinks;

– Endorsing 19th century communist ideologue Karl Marx as the next President of the United States;

– Signing a petition to repeal the 4th amendment to the Constitution;

– Supporting a move to end the right to remain silent by repealing the 5th amendment;

– Signing a petition to support post-birth abortion up to age 3 and making infanticide a part of Obamacare;

– Signing a petition to support making euthanasia of senior citizens a mandatory part of Obamacare;

– Supporting a move to release all illegal aliens from prison no matter what crime they have committed and then giving them free US citizenship;

– Signing a petition to grant Obama immunity for all crimes he commits while in office.

And those are from just the last few months alone.

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