Vast majority content to watch pop star lick sledgehammer while country collapses

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

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Despite Obamacare and the government shut down directly impacting hundreds of millions of people, interest in Miley Cyrus and football still continues to completely dominate the attention of most Americans.

The graph above shows the top Google Trends for yesterday, with football taking the top four spots, WWE wrestling in 5th and Miley Cyrus’ Saturday Night Live appearance in 6th. The rest of the top 10 is taken up by more football, along with speculation about whether Cressida Bonas will marry Prince Harry.

Nothing about the government shutdown or Obamacare appears in the top 16 trends.

The graph above illustrates how pop star Cyrus, who has suddenly developed an enthusiasm for appearing semi-naked with her tongue hanging out, has consistently attracted more attention than either Obamacare or the government shut down for entirety of the past month.

The only time when another topic briefly superseded Americans’ interest in Cyrus was at the end of August when the globe faced the prospect of world war three with a U.S. attack on Syria.

Even as the war drums pounded in the days after the August 21 chemical weapons attack, Cyrus’ much discussed “twerking” at the August 26 MTV Video Music Awards obliterated interest in Syria.

While it’s by no means a surprise to learn that Americans are more interested in bread and circuses than actual issues which fundamentally affect their lives, these graphs once again inform us why governments find it so easy to maintain the corrupt status quo with little resistance.

The only encouraging exception to this is the Syria issue, where massive public opposition played a part in derailing the path to war.

However, the percentage of people who actually care about real issues and actually want to do something about them, although growing, still represents a small minority in comparison to a vast majority who are perfectly content to sit on their asses and watch Miley Cyrus licking a sledgehammer while their country collapses.