Humana blames increase on “APA compliance”

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

In yet another example of how the ‘Affordable Care Act’ is anything but affordable, an Austin man contacted us to reveal how he will have to pay a 290% premium hike in order to avoid being fined under Obamacare.

A cost comparison sent by health insurer Humana lists the man’s existing policy, a monthly premium of 264.84 dollars, compared to his new “ACA Compliant Policy,” which will cost $711.42 a month – an increase of around 290 per cent.

The letter also states that “premium increases generally will occur industry-wide” and blames these hikes primarily on “APA compliance, including the addition of new essential health benefits.”

“I guess I’m lucky, my premiums are only going up 290% if I want to be “ACA compliant” and avoid the fines. Gotta love this country, right?” the Austinite told Infowars in an email.

He is referring to other Texans who face even bigger hikes in their premiums thanks to Obamacare, such as a couple who contacted Mike Adams to complain that the cost of their Humana policy was increasing by a whopping 539%, from $212.10 per month to $1,356.60 per month.

A study by the Manhattan Institute found that Obamacare would increase health premiums by an average 99% for men and 62% for women, although many are being hit with hikes which amount to multiple times those figures.

Americans who refuse to comply with Obamacare face fines which eventually will run up to a cost of thousands of dollars.

“Obamacare most certainly contains teeth and for those who don’t comply, and fail to obtain an exemption, penalties will be imposed,” reports Forbes, adding that all fines will be collected by the IRS through annual income tax returns.

Despite the Obama administration claiming that the the fines will not be seized from banks accounts, last year the IRS hired 16,500 new agents to harass citizens who attempt to evade the new law.

As we reported yesterday, the White House is now ordering insurance companies, who are being bombarded with complaints from customers about soaring policy costs, to keep quiet about Obamacare.

The Obama administration is trying to keep a lid on the dirty little secret that millions of Americans are losing their coverage because the existing policies fail to meet Obamacare’s stringent mandates, illustrating how Obama blatantly lied when he made assurances that people could keep their existing policy.

“If…you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan,” Obama told Americans as part of his promotional bandwagon for the Affordable Care Act.

It subsequently emerged that White House officials knew this was not the case at least three years in advance.