Narrative pins blame on liberty lovers

Source: Steve Watson & Paul Joseph Watson

In a scenario that we predicted almost immediately upon hearing news of the TSA shooting incident at LAX yesterday, the media is now reporting that the suspect is a 23 year old man whose motive consists of being mad at the TSA for invasive security screenings. It is also said that he had a note in his bag that mentioned the NWO (New World Order).

Originally CBS and others began reporting that the shooter was an off duty TSA agent, indicating that the motive was personal in targeting colleagues. This began to be quickly memory holed, however, and replaced by a completely different outline.

First we heard that he may have had “strong anti-government views”,  and had “anti-government materials” on his person. This turned out to be a hand written note stating that he was a “pissed off patriot” who wished to “kill TSA and pigs,”

The note also mentioned former Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano, adding that constitutional rights were being violated by TSA searches.

Now the shooter, named as 23 year old Paul Ciancia, is also said to have sent a “suicide text” to members of his family, as well as scrawling NWO at the end of the note found in his bag.

ABC News reports:

“The note found at the scene ended with the letters “NWO,” according to law enforcement sources, which is believed to stand for “New World Order.” Law enforcement sources also said a large number of .223 caliber rounds were found at the airport.”

While initial reports indicated that the shooter had been killed, that was quickly changed to “neutralised”, then changed again to “taken into custody”, indicating that Ciancia is still alive.

It’s a scenario we immediately feared would be paraded and parroted upon hearing of the incident.

A key question revolves around why Ciancia would be asking plain clothed people if they were TSA agents, when TSA agents are easily identifiable by their blue uniforms. This seems like an attempt to artificially manufacture a narrative around the shooting.

Already there are calls for tighter security at airports, and this may lead to calls to arm TSA agents, a plan that has likely been in the works for some time.

As we reported earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Security has been hiring shooting ranges near airports in order to train TSA agents, suggesting that a plan to equip the screeners with firearms has been on the agenda for a while.

More on this story as it develops….