Hit piece suggests criticism of big government linked with violent extremism

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

ABC News implied that Alex Jones was responsible for motivating the LAX shooter last night during a report introduced by Dianne Sawyer which linked criticism of big government with violence.

Seconds after wondering “what clues could have prompted his spree,” the report lamented how the TSA’s “thankless procedures” have made the federal agency a target, before playing a clip from the Alex Jones Show in which host Jones remarked, “no kidding, who else wants a job groping men, women and children all day.”

The report concludes by noting how amongst “anti-government activists,” the TSA “embodies a federal government that’s too invasive, corrupt and incompetent.”

The hit piece is clearly designed to suggest that anyone who criticizes the TSA or the federal government in general is in league with gunman Paul Ciancia, and implies that Alex Jones was a direct inspiration for the shooting, despite his documented and consistent message of non-violence.



This is yet another example of the mainstream media – which is by far the biggest promoter of violence in that it routinely offers tacit support to wars that have killed millions of people over the decades – attempting to frame legitimate dissent against the state as violent extremism.

Although not as vehement, the ABC News clip takes a similar approach to a recent MSNBC segment which laid the blame for the Boston bombings on Alex Jones while labeling him “deeply racist,” with absolutely zero evidence to back up either charge.

Ciancia’s interest in a “new world order,” a “fiat currency” and other political issues has also been cynically exploited by ideological prostitutes to insinuate that anyone who talks about these very real issues is partly responsible for the shooting.

As Jon Rappoport highlights, blaming Alex Jones or anyone else who defends liberty for the violent actions of one lone individual is like blaming JD Salinger for murdering John Lennon.

“Is JD Salinger dead enough yet? Can we prosecute his corpse because Mark David Chapman read his dreary novel, Catcher in the Rye, and then killed John Lennon?” writes Rappoport.

Essentially, the establishment media is attempting to exploit the tragic LAX shooting, carried out by a single mentally unstable individual, to impart the notion that anyone who complains about having their genitals groped by TSA agents who have failed to stop a single terrorist attack, and have been caught in innumerable examples of criminal behavior, is a potentially violent extremist.

This is also part of a wider assault on free speech which has been an integral focus of the Department of Homeland Security’s agenda for years. The federal agency has been desperate to demonize constitutionalists as terrorists, equating liberty lovers with terrorists in their own training documents on multiple occasions.

The call to increase TSA security, give the agency even more power, and even arm TSA screeners is also being strongly pushed.

Despite the propaganda, the facts show that TSA security theater is largely a pointless exercise. Americans are more likely to be killed by honey bee strings or drowning in a bath than they are by terrorists.

For years, the establishment has continued to smear liberty activists as violent extremists, insinuating that their free speech should be shut down, and yet the mainstream continues to bleed more and more of its audience share to independent media.

The tactic clearly isn’t working. So no matter how many times the corporate press defames Alex Jones or anyone else who is standing up for freedom, the fundamental message of individual liberty will continue to resonate far stronger than any number of dubious “lone nut” incidents cynically exploited by the establishment to frame their political adversaries.