Incident occurred over a dropped cigarette

Source: Steve Watson

lawsuit currently being heard in a federal court reveals how LA sheriff’s deputies assaulted a young black man who had done nothing wrong, tasering his genitals up to ten times, enough for the flesh to begin to cook.

Sheriff’s deputies allegedly tased a man in the groin ten times over a littering citation

Twenty-six-year-old Daniel Johnson is pursuing damages for excessive force, false arrest, violations of the Constitution and civil rights, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The lawsuit describes how the incident, which happened just over a year ago, came about because Johnson’s father dropped a cigarette on the street outside their home, prompting the deputies to issue a citation of $1000 for littering, plus eight hours of community service.

Johnson notes that his 58-year-old father has nerve damage in his hand, which was the cause of him dropping the cigarette. When Johnson challenged the cops on the hefty punishment, he says they threatened and then attacked him.

“Deputy Abdulfattah responded by belligerently threatening Mr. Johnson, telling him that ‘I can write you a ticket too if you want,’” according to the federal lawsuit.

“At this point, plaintiff’s mother, who had also come outside to see what was going on, told him to go back into the house.” the case states. “He was not being given a ticket, and neither of the officers said anything further to him, so Mr. Johnson turned away and began to walk back toward the house. As he walked away from the officers, Deputy Russell grabbed plaintiff from behind and tried to slam him against the police car.”

“When Mr. Johnson asked why he was assaulting him, Deputy Russell maintained his hold on plaintiff and then tried to slam him against a nearby concrete post. Mr. Johnson’s mother and father repeatedly asked the officers to ‘leave him alone’ because ‘he hasn’t done anything wrong.’ The officers refused.” the case notes.

Johnson, who is of small build and height, maintains that he did not threaten, resist or raise his voice to the officers at any point, and that the attack was unprovoked.

The complaint states that one of the officers put Johnson in a full nelson while the other punched his father full in the face. The first officer then “swept Mr. Johnson’s legs out from under him and tackled him to the ground, slamming plaintiff’s left shoulder into the sidewalk.”

Johnson, who says he was still not resisting at this point, says that the second officer, deputy Abdulfattah, then tased him in the groin repeatedly.

“Mr. Johnson could smell his flesh burning from the Tases and he was screaming in pain.” the document reads.

“Abdulfattah continued to intentionally shoot his Taser at plaintiff’s genitals every couple seconds. Mr. Johnson begged Abdulfattah to stop Tasing him. His mother and father repeatedly asked Abdulfattah to stop Tasing him. Deputy Abdulfattah did not stop.”

The complaint also claims that Abdulfattah has previously faced multiple complaints of excessive force. The case is ongoing.