You want to know what’s happening around the world?

The state-controlled US media won’t do it for you. They’ve been distracting you with celebrity “news” all week.

Here’s a couple of incidents they didn’t tell you about.

A video that is now going viral in India has citizens over there alarmed that police brutality is on the rise.

With no idea they were being filmed, these two police officers corner a boy and beat him with clubs over and over again.

Then they steal the money from his pockets for their personal gain (in the US, police call this taxation).

Warning: Graphic


The reality of the situation is that police violence is not “on the rise” — it’s always been part of the job description.


Police are doing this everywhere, every day, and they were doing it long before we had the Internet and cell phone cameras to document it.

It only appears to be on the rise because we have the technology to see it now.

If we had only the mainstream media to rely on, we’d all still be saying it’s “a few bad apples.”

Word is that the officers were swiftly terminated and convicted after the video went viral on Indian websites.

In contrast, American cops who are caught on camerabeating innocent victims to death are found “not guilty” and given $40,000.

And then we have this from the Ukraine, published yesterday.

The population began breaking down doors of government buildings and kicking out politicians.

“How’d they get past the police?” you wonder.


Warning: Graphic


Earlier footage shows the population using incendiary devices during clashes with riot police.



But enough of that.


Back to the regular programming…