Man penetrates multi-million dollar security ring with excuses and fake pass

source:Paul Joseph Watson

The much vaunted multi-million dollar security ring put in place at taxpayer expense for this year’s Super Bowl was easily penetrated by a man with a fake pass and an excuse that he was “late for work,” yet another example of how government security theater cannot protect you and is a colossal waste of money.

Prior to the big game, authorities boasted of their lavish preparations for Super Bowl 2014 – bomb sniffing dogs, 700 extra troopers, a 24-hour FBI command center, a vast network of surveillance cameras, the ‘See Something, Say Something’ snitch program in full force, TSA agents, snipers, no fly zones, helicopter patrols.

The bill for all this – which ran into tens of millions of dollars – was paid for by taxpayers despite the NFL already getting a sales tax break at a further cost of $8 million to residents of New Jersey. Also remember that the NFL is tax exempt and pays no federal income tax on its vast profits.

However, 30-year-old Matthew Mills made a mockery of all this when he crashed a post-game press conference to tell the viewing millions that the 9/11 attacks were, “perpetrated by people in our own government,” urging them to “investigate 9/11,” before being dragged away.

How did Mills penetrate the fearsome ring of steel erected around the MetLife Stadium? He used a fake pass from an old music festival and claimed he was “late for work.”

Mills hopped on board an employee bus headed for the stadium and relied on the same excuse every time he was confronted by security.

“I just said I was running late for work and I had to get in there,” Mills told “It was that simple.”

“I didn’t think that I’d get that far,” Mill said. “I just kept getting closer and closer. Once I got past the final gate and into the stadium, I was dumbfounded.”

Mills’ actions left’s A.J. Perez to wonder, “With all of the millions spent on security, how safe is the Super Bowl anyway?”

Although Mills used his opportunity to send a warning about false flag terrorism staged by governments, his actions proved that governments, no matter how much money they spend on invasive and unconstitutional security measures, cannot protect the public from terrorists.

What if Mills had been an Al-Qaeda militant (you know, the kind that the State Department affords VIP access)? What if his intention had not been a ‘truth bomb’ but an actual bomb?

In addition to the ease with which Mills made it through security, Infowars reporters said that their tickets were not even checked at any point of the journey to and inside the MetLife Stadium, despite John Durkin, special agent in charge of the TSA Newark field office, asserting beforehand that only fans who showed a valid ticket would even be allowed to board the train to the game.

It’s unsurprising that authorities have remained silent on how easy it was for Mills to penetrate security, since any admission that they failed would merely reinforce the fact that America’s multi-billion dollar terrorism-fear-security complex is a monumental fraud and a monstrous waste of taxpayer money.