On Crosstalk today, RPI Advisor John Laughland stands up for the principle of non-interventionism and sovereignty and opposes the “responsibility to protect” doctrine that is used by the West to justify military incursions overseas. In Ukraine, he said, the situation is more akin to that of Mali, where the legal government requested outside assistance against an armed incursion.

Also of interest is Stephen Zunes of University of San Francisco, a long-time defender of regime change theorist Gene Sharp. Predictably, Zunes takes issue with those who see Western hands in the overthow of the government in Kiev — he calls the idea “silly.”

Eric Draitser replies to Zunes by saying “it’s not about a conspiracy, it’s not saying that this is some sort of secretive plot,” pointing out that with the leaked conversation of State Department’s Victoria Nuland the plot is out in the open.