U.S. preparing military assistance to Ukraine’s coup government

Source: Kurt Nimmo

The establishment media is spinning the shooting death of a Ukrainian soldier in Crimea following a vote to secede from Ukraine. USA Today and other propaganda cartels in the United States are insinuating that violence will be an inevitable result following the vote and the move for Crimea to secede from the rest of Ukraine, now under the control a coup government in Kyiv that violently ejected a democratically elected president in February.

Not surprisingly the media quoted junta prime minister and former central banker Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

“The conflict is moving from a political one to a military one because of Russian soldiers,” Yatsenyuk said at the defense ministry. “Today, Russian soldiers began shooting at Ukrainian servicemen and this is a war crime without any expiry under a statute of limitations.”

Yats, as he is known by his enablers in the State Department, said the junta has authorized Ukrainian soldiers to use firearms in Crimea in response to the shooting.

USA Today based its reportage on information posted on the Ukrainian News Agency website. The story blamed Russian soldiers for the attack and this unsubstantiated assertion was duly echoed by the corporate media in the United States.

A report appearing on the BBC website, however, said the men were unidentified and their commander was taken into custody by Russian soldiers:

An eyewitness told the BBC that armed men arrived in two unmarked vehicles, storming the base in Simferopol and firing automatic weapons.

The Ukrainian government said a junior officer who was on duty in a park inside the base had been killed and another officer injured. A third serviceman had leg and head injuries after being beaten with iron bars, it said.

The government said the commander of the unit was captured by men wearing Russian uniforms.

Defense ministry spokesman Vladislav Seleznyov told Reuters the attack was by “unknown forces, fully equipped and their faces covered.”

The Independent cited local Crimean officials who said shots were initially fired by “fascist snipers” from a nearby residential building. RT also reported on snipers participating in the deadly attack:

The remark by PM Yatsenyuk that “the conflict is shifting from a political to a military stage” indicates the next phase of the orchestrated crisis is now underway.

Arizona Senator John McCain has laid out what will happen next. As violent incidents in Crimea and the east of Ukraine intensify, possibly as the result of additional false flag operations similar to the one occurring earlier today, the United States will move to provide the junta in Kyiv with “modest military assistance” consisting of “some small arms and ammunition, as well as significant non-lethal assistance, such as protective equipment, spare parts, fuel, and sharing of intelligence,” according to McCain.

In addition, the United States should work “with NATO and other partners to support the Ukrainian government in designing and resourcing a long-term assistance program to rebuild and reform Ukraine’s military.” NATO should step up its “force presence, security cooperation, and military exercises, especially in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries.”

McCain said NATO should fully exploit the situation to “prepare for the expansion of the alliance to include countries such as Georgia and Montenegro as soon as possible,” thus pushing NATO up against Russia’s border and begging a political and possibly a military response from the thermonuclear armed super power.

h/t Brandon Turbeville