Meanwhile multiple sources report no sign of Russian military build-up

Source: Kurt Nimmo

Rep. Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News today Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing to invade Ukraine and other nations in Eastern Europe. Rogers made the claim despite a complete lack of evidence.

Rogers said Russian troops are ready to move into South Ossetia and may go into Armenia and the Baltic states. Rogers insisted Russia is engaged in a “covert operation” designed to rile up Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine and agitate them to push for secession. He said intelligence officers and special forces did the same in Crimea, which ultimately voted to secede from Ukraine and the junta installed by the State Department.

Despite the warnings of Rogers and the intelligence establishment in the United States, an invasion of South Ossetia will not be required. Within the territory of the autonomous oblast, more than 80 percent of surveyed residents want integration with Russia, according to The Washington Post. In Transnistria on the border of Moldova and Ukraine, more than half of polled residents want the same with around thirty percent calling for independence. In Abkhazia on the Georgia border and the Black Sea, the majority prefer independence.

Fox News, as a trusty propaganda tool of the establishment, is ignoring the plurality in favor or reintegration into Russia. In addition, Fox claims “Putin sent troop into Ossetia in 2008 to take control of the region.”

In fact, following the ouster of President Eduard Shevardnadze in Georgia during the Rose Revolution in late 2003 (a cookie cutter “revolution” orchestrated by the State Department and its legion of subversive NGOs), the installed president, Mikhail Saakashvili invaded South Ossetia. The establishment media did an exemplary job of covering this fact up until the truth was revealed in a number of diplomatic cables exposed by Wikileaks. Then Georgia ambassador, John Tefft, told the Bush administration Russia had invaded South Ossetia when, in fact, Russia had intervened to fend off the Georgian attack.

Hysterical claims by Rogers, Congress, and the Obama administration that Russia is engaged in a massive build-up of troops and armaments on the border with Ukraine have been in dispute since the orchestrated coup in Ukraine.

NBC News dispelled this fairy tale recently when it sent researchers to fact check the claim taken as gospel truth by the corporate propaganda media in the United States. Despite its slanted reportage demonizing Russia, NBC News reported it did not encounter significant military build-up along 500 miles of Ukraine’s eastern border.

Moreover, last week the Pentagon admitted Russia is not conducting exercises on its border with Ukraine as the administration and no small number of hyperbolic members of Congress claim. They have called for sanctions levied against Russia and military and economic aid for Ukraine. The junta in Kyiv added fuel to the propaganda blitz when U.S. Olexander Motsyk said there were about 100,000 troops amassed at the Ukraine border.

Russian media has insisted all along troops are not amassing along the border, but these reports, including the results of an aerial monitoring operation, were summarily dismissed by the establishment media in the United States.

“Western observers have found no evidence of a military build-up along Russia’s border with Ukraine, the Russian foreign ministry said on its website Friday,” The Wall Street Journal reported last week. “The statement from Russia’s foreign ministry referred to inspections by Ukrainian and Western observers as well as survey flights by German and U.S. planes over the border territory, all of which, it said, found no evidence of military escalation.”