Comes months after MAIG gun confiscation agenda exposed

Source: Adan Salazar

Gun rights activists who’ve fought back against former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s repeated efforts to infringe on the Second Amendment can revel in a mild victory.

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Today the billionaire announced he would invest $50 million merging his embattled Mayors Against Illegal Guns group with his other anti-Second Amendment venture, Mothers Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, to form a more inclusive “Everytown for Gun Safety.”

“This is not a battle of dollars, this is a battle for the hearts and minds of America so that we can protect our children, protect innocent people,” Bloomberg told NBC’s Today show, sounding similar to Attorney General Eric Holder when he said the government needs to “brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

In the months leading up to the disbandment of MAIG, the group had earned itself a notably dirty reputation due to its consistent efforts to undermine the Bill of Rights and its recruitment of an assortment of criminal mayors. Of course, it didn’t help that their Director Mark Glaze was also issuing bold lies on national television.

In February, Infowars reported on former-MAIG member John Tkazyik’s damning OpEd claiming Bloomberg’s group was a front for a wider gun confiscation agenda.

“Under the guise of helping mayors facing a crime and drug epidemic, MAIG intended to promote confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens,” Tkazyik said, confirming what many already suspected about the group. “Nearly 50 pro-Second Amendment mayors have left the organization. They left for the same reason I did,” he also added. Days later, three New York mayors scuttled to the group’s defense.

Just this month the mayor of Danbury, Conn., Mark Boughton, also jumped the MAIG ship for fear his constituents would vote him out of office. Earlier this year, Connecticut witnessed a massive revolt from gun owners who refused to register their weapons after the state passed a mandatory registration law targeting assault weapons and “high-capacity” magazines.

The Mayors group was also instrumental in influencing New York state politicians to hurriedly pass the unconstitutional SAFE Act, which at one time contained Democrat proposals for outright gun confiscation. Within five days of the shooting at Sandy Hook, the group was already urging President Obama to take action against the Second Amendment, and even presented him a list of anti-gun suggestions.

As we reported today, thousands of law-abiding New York gun owners are also refusing to register their weapons and are calling on everyone to revolt against the SAFE Act’s ridiculous registration mandate, which essentially redefines most semi-automatic weapons, guns with detachable magazines, a telescoping stock, or long guns with a pistol grip as “assault weapons.”

The formation of “Everytown” should have been long expected. Months prior to disbanding MAIG, the membership roster, which identified mayors across the country who support gun control, was deleted from the MAIG web page. The roster is still available on the Internet Archive, however.

Indeed, the slate is now clean for Bloomberg to wage yet another propaganda “battle” against the minds of the American people. Time will only tell if this effort will be another spectacular fail as his others have been.

Here’s Everytown for Gun Safety’s very first promo vid, (whose Youtube comments have predictably been disabled.) In typical dictatorial fashion, Bloomberg shamelessly exploits children as props to demonize firearms.

Tit for tat: And here’s what happens when a child is taught proper gun safety:

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