Federal agency could face charges for abuse of animals

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Photo evidence suggests BLM federal agents shot cattle dead during actions targeting Cliven Bundy, a clear violation of a court order which could see the federal agency and those it hired to carry out the operation face criminal charges.

The official Bundy Ranch Facebook page posted images of a prize bull that appeared to have been killed by a gunshot wound alongside the message, “Evidence of cattle that were shot. One of many incidents.” More images of dead cattle are set to be posted later today.

As Fox News reported last night, despite a court order restricting the BLM to only seizing Bundy’s cattle, video shows that federal agents cut holes in water tanks and destroyed fences belonging to Bundy during the operation. According to Bundy, the BLM also killed two prize bulls for no reason. The Bureau of Land Management has failed to respond to the allegations.

Another image taken from an aircraft shows Bundy’s cattle corralled into small pens. Shortly after the image was taken, the FAA moved to shut down airspace over the ranch, prompting speculation that the feds were attempting to hide evidence that they were mistreating the cattle.

Republican member of the Nevada Assembly Michele Fiore also tweeted out an image of the dead bull, describing it as, “One of many casualties from the #BundyRanch standoff.”

“I did post the first picture of one cow [that] was shot in the back of the head from a helicopter,” said Fiore. “I personally helped save a calf who still had an umbilical cord attached to her as she was separated from her mom. It is such a disgusting event … they don’t herd cattle — they slaughter cattle,” she added, referring to the BLM.

“If you look at the stewardship of land, and herding of cattle, first of all these particular cattle that were grazing on 600,000 acres — understand that when the Bundy family would herd their own cattle, there would be water taps to where the cattle would go down to the water and herd them humbly and softly — no cruelty, no abuse, herding them to where the cattle could get injured,” Fiore continued. “We now have an evidenced-based argument with how the BLM cannot take care of that cattle. We have cows giving birth (in the federal pen) where baby calves have been stepped [on] and killed,” added Fiore, accusing the BLM of shooting cows that got out of line while digging mass graves in a botched attempt to bury the carcasses.

In a secret audio recording released earlier this week by Natural News, BLM chief Daniel P. Love denied that the BLM had killed any cattle, a claim to which Fiore responded, “He’s a flat out liar, period.”

Last week, Bundy supporters claimed that BLM agents were bringing in earth moving equipment in order to dig mass graves. On Saturday, the federal agency ceased its operation against Bundy and was forced to return some 380 seized cattle after a tense standoff with Bundy supporters.