Senator slams feds’ “outrageous” abuse of power

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Senator Rand Paul says the siege against Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy is a perfect example of why Americans are getting increasingly angry at the federal government’s outrageous abuse of power.

During an appearance with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren last night, Paul cited the egregious nationwide enforcement of the Endangered Species Act, which is only serving to enflame tensions. One of the reasons cited by the Bureau of Land Management to justify the seizure of Bundy’s cattle was that his cows were harming the endangered desert tortoise.

“That kind of absurdity coming from the federal government is why people get angry, said the Kentucky Senator, adding, “They charge homeowners or property owners in Kentucky money to chop down our trees if they find a bat on the land. So really, this needs to be administered closer to home so we wouldn’t have, I think, such outrageous overstepping by authorities.”

“Even if he paid his grazing fees back in 1993, they weren’t going to let him — they were going to limit the number of his cattle and limit his area to graze. So as a lot of people know about the West, you have to have a lot of acreage to graze cattle. So I think they were limiting it and he felt it wasn’t their right to do so. There is real debate where whether this land should be owned by the federal government or state government,” said Paul.

Addressing Harry Reid’s labeling of Bundy supporters as “domestic terrorists,” a charge which the Nevada Senator repeated despite a widespread backlash, Paul stated, “I think we need to tone down the rhetoric a little bit. I think all of us hope or should hope that we get a peaceful outcome to this.”

General discontent at the direction Washington is heading soared after last year’s government shutdown, with 87 per cent of Americans expressing frustration at the situation, 43 per cent of whom described themselves as “angry”.

Although the United States has not suffered anything like the kind of unrest seen in many European countries in recent years, most of which was fueled by contempt at government corruption and austerity measures, some analysts are predicting that 2015 could be a turning point.

Economist Martin Armstrong sees the Bundy situation as an early sign of what’s to come, noting that, “The confrontation in Nevada between Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management, whose Director was Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) former senior adviser, has turned into an issue of important cycle unrest,” adding that, “civil unrest will develop first outside the USA and turn up more aggressively in the USA after 2015.”

Meanwhile, an upcoming documentary by Casey Research entitled Meltdown America warns that the U.S. military is now preparing for the collapse of the dollar. A preview clip features publisher Scott Taylor discussing how he attended a luncheon held by General Walt Natynczyk during which he was told that top brass were seriously studying “what would happen to the American military abroad, what would they do if the American dollar suddenly became worthless.”

In the video below, former Congressman Allen West responds to Harry Reid’s repetition of the charge that Bundy supporters are “domestic terrorists”.