Source: Paul Bois
Truth Revolt

Home and Garden Television (HGTV) has just canceled one of their new do-it-yourself shows calledFlip It Forward after its twin-brother hosts, Jason and David Benham, were outed as Christian conservatives who are against gay marriage and abortion.

Image: Benham Brothers (YouTube).

The home renovation show focused on improving families’ houses had been scheduled to air in the network’s fall line-up, but after leftist media sources highlighted the hosts’ past opposition to abortion and gay marriage, the network immediately responded to the pressure by pulling the plug.

So what were the twin brothers’ great sins that got Right Wing Watch to publish an exposé denouncing them as “religious extremists?” Engaging in activism for their beliefs.

In 2012, David Benham led a prayer rally outside the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina titled, “Charlotte 7:14,” which he claimed was dedicated to stopping “homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation” and “demonic ideologies tak[ing] our universities and our public school systems.”

“We don’t realize that, okay, if 87 percent of Americans are Christians and yet we have abortion on demand, we have no-fault divorce, we have pornography and perversion, we have homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation, we have adultery,” David Benham said in an interview with Janet Mefferd after the prayer event. “We even have allowed demonic ideologies to take our universities and our public school systems while the church sits silent and just builds big churches.”

In the same interview, David Benham also highlighted his help in passing North Carolina’s Amendment One, a bill that “enshrined a ban on same-sex marriage and civil unions in the state constitution.”

David Benham has also led protests outside of abortion clinics with the pro-life group Operation Save America. In one particular protest highlighted on the site, David Benham called demonstrators to take a stand against the “gates of hell” and confront “the altars of Moloch.”

Right Wing Watch also discussed some of the past activities of the hosts’ father and minister, Flip Benham, who “protested LGBT pride events, interrupted church services during a sermon by ‘sodomite Episcopalian bishop’ Gene Robinson, was found ‘guilty of stalking a Charlotte abortion doctor after passing out hundreds of ‘wanted’ posters with the physician’s name and photo on it,’ and even blamed the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on abortion rights.” While some of their father’s actions can certainly be classified as “extreme,” neither of the brothers were implicated in having engaged in even remotely similar activity.

After the article went public last week, HGTV immediately stated on their Facebook page they would review their arrangement with the two brothers. By Thursday, the network announced they will be cancelling the show, saying “HGTV has decided not to move forward with the Benham Brothers’ series.”