Source: Tom Tillison
BizPac Review

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer said newly disclosed emails on the IRS targeting of conservative groups “gives lie” to the White House claim that it was not for political reasons.

Participating in the All Star Panel on Fox News’ “Special Report,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist also said the Obama administration’s targeting of opponents is “a major abuse of power.”

“It gives lie to the administration’s claim that this had nothing to do with the election, nothing to do with targeting opponents of the administration,” he said. “The BOLO, the be on the lookout, here’s who you target, specifically says that these are groups where you can find statements in the case file that are critical of how country is being run.”

“That’s the definition of the president’s opposition,” Krauthammer continued. “These are the people that you target. This is a major abuse of power.”

The emails in question were uncovered by Judicial Watch, and among other things, seems to disprove the Obama administrations’s claim that the targeting of tea party groups was the result of two “rogue agents” in the Cincinnati office.

“They covered up for two years and now they say, ‘Hey, dude, two-year-old story so it’s old news,’” Krauthammer said. “Let’s see if the mainstream media will treat it as old news or what it really is, new news of misleading America and covering it up.”