ICE Agent Blows the Whistle: Illegals Receiving Costly, Taxpayer-Funded Medical Treatments

Source: Adan Salazar & Jakari Jackson | Infowars |

On the heels of a veritable invasion of the United States, federal agents tasked with protecting the nation’s borders are being ordered by their superiors to ignore the press, effectively concealing the mass influx of illegal aliens – and the costly medical treatments they are receiving – from the public eye.

Facing the threat of federal charges for speaking to the media, one patriotic Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent frustrated with the broken immigration system granted Infowars an exclusive phone interview, detailing the crowded conditions of ICE detention facilities and the free medical treatment of illegal aliens once they’re detained.

“We’ve really seen a huge influx in children and women,” the agent, whose identity we are concealing to protect him from reprisal, stated.

Referring to US immigrant services as a “free pass,” the agent said immigrants from places like Central America are being emboldened by family members who’ve illegally entered the country successfully.“They’re all calling back home and saying, ‘Come on over! they’re giving us a free pass,” he said.

Emphasizing the inability to ensure whether detainees follow the proper legal channels once released, the agent reiterated illegals are “being given orders to appear in front of an immigration judge. If they’re going, I don’t know. Probably not.”

The ICE whistleblower said this causes agents to feel they’re performing their job functions in vain. “Certainly morale’s an issue. We’re letting a lot of people go, a lot of people go. No one wants to see these people being released.”

However, “We can put as many people as we want on the border, but if we’re gonna catch them, hook them up and then release them, then what good is it gonna do?” the agent pointed out, conceding the agency is at an impasse as far as protecting the border.

As Immigration and Customs Enforcement union boss Chris Crane stated in February of last year, “Ice has essentially prohibited its agents from enforcing” immigration law.

“As an American,who wouldn’t have any type of concerns?” the agent stated in frustration. “The dangers are paramount, and not only that, the medical benefits these people are being given is pretty far out, considering we have people here at home that need help.”

The agent was referring to the recent Arizona VA scandal, in which a score of military veterans on the Phoenix VA waiting list died while waiting to receive medical care.

When asked whether illegal immigrants receive medical treatment at facilities, the agent answered, “Absolutely. Whoever is detained goes through a lengthy screening process, chest x-rays, check for tuberculosis, things of that nature, and they’re treated.”

“We do get our isolated cases of people with tuberculosis,” added the agent, also admitting that not all diseases are being screened for. “There may be a couple that come through that admit to having a communicable disease, but really we don’t check for communicable diseases, that’s not part of the screening process.”

But the agent said his facility’s resources are already stretched to the limit. “That’s why a lot of these females are being released,” he told us, “because there isn’t enough bed space.”

As far as being ordered not to speak to the media, “it’s kind of an ‘unwritten rule,’” he said, “we just don’t do it.”

Earlier this year, ICE agents were told not to discuss the release of some 36,000 criminal illegal immigrants, many of whom were convicted for sexual assault, aggravated assault and even homicide.

“We were given specific instructions not to comment on that report,” an ICE spokesman, Greg Palmore, told Breitbart after the Center for Immigration Studies released a damning report.