After months, federal health agency responsible for “disease control and prevention” breaks silence..
CDC Confirms Activation of “emergency operation center” in Response to Immigrant Influx
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has established an emergency facility to cope with diseases moving across the border, the agency admitted to Infowars Tuesday.

Scroll to 3:22 for reference.

In a taped phone call, a CDC information hotline representative confirmed that, unbeknownst to the American public, the agency has set up an “emergency operation center” to deal with various diseases accompanying the surge of illegal aliens currently staging a virtually uncontested U.S. invasion.

“In response to this influx of unaccompanied alien children, CDC’s emergency operation center has been activated,” the CDC rep stated, likely reading from a script. “During this activation the EOC will work closely with the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine.”

Though the location of the facility wasn’t disclosed, the statement confirms rumors the federal government has secretly set up a facility to deal with diseases brought over by the current surge of illegal immigrants.

Until now, the federal government has remained largely silent on increased public health concerns linked to the immigrant influx. As we reported Saturday, the CDC ignored border agents’ pleas for help containing the spread of disease.

Numerous border agents have contracted disease from exposure to afflicted minors, and reports suggest the influx, now hailing from several parts of the world (not just Central America), may potentially bring with it deadly diseases such as dengue and the incurable ebola virus. There are also increased worries immigrants hailing from Honduras could be infected with HIV, the AIDS-causing virus.

Writing for, Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet questions the government’s shroud of silence in the face of an emerging public health crisis. Labeling the porous southern border “a gateway for disease entry,” Vliet has compiled a running list of questions regarding the CDC’s secrecy:

Why is the CDC, the U.S. agency responsible for identification, tracking and overseeing issues around infectious disease outbreaks, so strangely silent?

Why are there reports of a temporary decontamination center set up in El Paso, Texas, similar to those in use in West Africa? What is it for? What diseases have been found that would require such a facility?

Why is the CDC not on top of – and warning – the public of these increasingly serious situations?

Why are more doctors in the southern border states not already on alert to handle sudden increase in TB, adult chicken pox, measles, H1N1 influenza, dengue, Ebola, plus other unknown but lethal diseases?

As Dr. Vliet highlights, the lack of answers to these questions should concern otherwise healthy Americans. “These diseases are highly contagious, especially in crowded and poor sanitary conditions in the detention and processing centers where thousands of illegals are housed until sent to other areas of America, without full screening for such diseases,” says Vliet.

“Many of the diseases of concern, such as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, have NO effective treatments,” adds Dr. Vliet, noting infectious disease is the leading cause of death worldwide.

The government agency’s superficial response to our inquiry unfortunately does little to quell anxieties over increasing health concerns.