Hours after booking rooms at the south Texas hotel once slated to undergo a $50 million transformation into an illegal immigrant care facility, a hotel manager informed us that our reservations would be canceled in efforts to combat “more negative stuff in the media.”

On the way to the Rio Grande Valley from Austin, a manager at the Palm Aire Hotel and Suites in Weslaco called saying she had googled “Infowars.com” and discovered we were journalists, and that due to intense media scrutiny she would be canceling our reservations.

“I’m gonna go ahead and cancel your reservation. I don’t want to have any more negative stuff in the media,” a hotel manager told us over the phone.

“I googled that Infowars website and I saw your name posted to a blog on it. So I’m just.. I’m tired of the media, I just don’t want anything to do with it. So I’m gonna go ahead and refuse services,” the manager said when pressed for further details.

Infowars crew members had planned to stay at the hotel to document the standard of accommodation the Obama administration would have provided illegal alien minors aged 12 through 17.

The hotel was recently at the center of controversy after its owners were approached with an offer by the non-profit organization BCFS Health and Human Services, a contractor for various Department of Homeland Security agencies, state governments and CIA front groups, such as USAID.

The hotel, already equipped with an Olympic size swimming pool, free cable and wi-fi, tennis courts, jacuzzis, sauna, steam room, two racquetball courts, and a large fitness center, would have been morphed into a 600 bed facility for juvenile illegal immigrants by October 1st.

In the end, BCFS withdrew its bid citing a “misinformation” campaign that “fueled.. negativity against the effort.” Local residents were also reportedly sounding off against the proposal on social media.

“This proposal sought to find a solution for providing safe, humane care for the children flooding across the border and overwhelming U.S. Border Patrol and communities,” BCFS said in a statement. “BCFS is thankful to the City of Weslaco for their consideration and is disappointed that misinformation fueled so much negativity against this effort that its success is likely jeopardized.”

It’s disheartening that, on the verge of housing people who committed an illegal offense, the site has now denied access to members of the press clearly working in the public’s best interest to document where and how taxpayer monies are being spent.

Moreover, the hotel’s desire to squelch negative press, at this point, is neurotic given the fact that they themselves created the story by nearly aiding the implosion of the nation’s borders in favor of a North American Union.