Of Mayors and Miners: The Story of all those Flight 17 “Witnesses”

Source: Scott Creighton | American Everyman |

“You can’t just cite precedent as evidence, Scott”

When designing a psyop one of the most crucial elements of it is staging impartial independent witnesses to corroborate the most basic elements of the story. Take Harley Guy for example. He was on hand for a Fox News interview after the Twin Towers were demoed and had a surprisingly prescient opinion as too why they came down (first time in history steel framed sky-scrappers collapsed as a result of fire). He was also clad in a Harley Davidson shirt in order to appeal to his target audience. Kudos to wardrobe.

He claimed he ‘witnessed both towers collapse due to structural failure because the fire was so intense” which ended up being the “official story” and also on record from NIST as being the FIRST time that ever happened… in history. Ever.

Pretty on cue for Harley Guy who just also happened to be a Fox freelance journalist (explains the paycheck I suppose) with absolutely no structural engineering background whatsoever. I guess he wasn’t so impartial after all.

Anyone remember the Nayirah incubator babies story? She was a ‘witness’ to the cruel inhuman Iraqi military coming into her hospital where she volunteered and tossed the newborn babies on the ground because for some unknown reason, they really wanted some incubators for Saddam’s house.

It was very moving and the representatives who heard her dramatic story, complete with weeping, voted to give Bush I a free hand to go bomb some more brown people. Two especially jumped on the “oh the horror” bandwagon right after her dramatic eye-witness testimony: Representatives Lantos and Porter

Turns out, she made the whole thing up. She was really the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the U.S., Saud Nasir al-Sabah and had never volunteered for anything her entire life. The whole thing had been scripted by Hill and Knowlton, a D.C. propaganda firm.

” MacArthur noted that “the incubator story seriously distorted the American debate about whether to support military action” and questioned whether “their [Representatives Lantos and Porter] special relationship with Hill and Knowlton should prompt a Congressional investigation to find out if their actions merely constituted an obvious conflict of interest or, worse, if they knew who the tearful Nayirah really was in October 1990.”[57]

Point is, she wasn’t hardly an impartial independent witness either.

Recent history is full of cases like this. How about ‘Curveball’? Remember that impartial witness?

If you are going to craft a psyop, you need witnesses, people whom the target audience can relate too. People who apparently have no dog in the race and just wish to tell you their version of “the truth”. It is part of the Modus operandi, the method of operation of the spin doctors and Wag the Dog specialists who think they can craft their way to whatever future the masters of the universe desire.

This is why you have to remember precedent.

And this is why you have to establish precedent and then put it in current context while evaluating each new psyop as it unfolds.

Now, let’s talk about those Flight MH17 ‘witnesses’, shall we?

“But Scott, all those witnesses saw the plane parts falling from the sky!”

Did they?

Once Nayirah was exposed as being daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the U.S. , investigative journalists started taking a closer look at her claims. It was then that they discovered her connections to that D.C. spin firm. The reason they looked is because she was no longer an independent witness. She had a direct reason to lie: her father and hence her standard of living. Strong motivation.

Any investigation hinges on such developments. Talk to any prosecutor and he’ll tell you, if his witness withholds crucial information about his interests in a case, in giving testimony, then that can be catastrophic. Talk to any defense attorney and they will be sure to remind the jury that the key witness is being offered a deal in exchange for his testimony. It factors in. No question.

So, who are these impartial independent witnesses everyone keeps talking about with regard to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17? According to the official story they are random citizens living in the rebel controlled areas who probably support the pro-Russian rebels, but just HAVE to tell the truth because the scene was so horrible.

Turns out, that’s not exactly the case.

As I have already written extensively on the subject of the local Lord of that area, the globalist billionaire, Rinat Akhmetov, who just happens to be the most wealthy oligarch in Ukraine and has vowed to crush the secessionist movement because it threatens his empire (and he owns U.S. coal mines as well), I will not bore you or insult your intelligence by rehashing all of that. Suffice to say they ONLY industry in the area in question is mining and Mr. Akhmetov controls/owns over 50% of the mining operations in the entire country and most in that area.

Metinvest is a Ukraine-based holding company of mining and steel assets. It was established on 6 June 2006 by the SCM Holdings[1][2][3] and is owned by Rinat Akhmetov. The major shareholders of Metinvest Group are SCM Holdings, controlled by Rinat Akhmetov, (75%)… owns United Coal Company During April, 2009 Ukrainian business group Metinvest, controlled by Rinat Akhmetov, purchased the company for an estimated $1 billion.

The CEO of his company has made it very clear to his employees that they are expected to do their part in “fighting the secessionists”

“We really are fighting them (secessionists),” Ryzhenkov, the Metinvest CEO

In fact, they have been paying their employees $25 a day to help fight the rebels when in fact they only pay them $15 on average to work in the mines. So vigorous have been Mr. Akhmetov’s efforts, Bloomberg News on July 1st of this year said:

“His (Rinat Akhmetov) efforts may prove critical to the efforts of Ukraine’s new president, Petro Poroshenko, 48, to re-establish control.” Bloomberg, July 1, 2014

This is the climate in the area. The area dominated by coal mining and populated by miners, their wives, their children and all the economy depending on those mines. All the economy and all the local politics that is.

So who are those impartial independent witnesses anyway?

The Wall Street Journal did a lovely little expose on them and all their dramatic stories.

Start off with their info graphic on the location just so you know the one I did is accurate.


And mine:

mining witness

As you can see, mine, though a little more complete, shows the exact same locations that the Wall Street Journal gives as reference to their article on all those ‘witnesses’

Now, let’s get to what the Journal says:

“(mayor) Natalya Voloshina couldn’t pay municipal salaries, pensions or energy bills because money from the central government in Kiev was frozenThe coal mine where her husband and high-school sweetheart works largely shut down…

…Days later, the 43-year-old mayor found the bottom half of a man’s body in the shrubs next to her office…”But when I’m not at work, I cry at home into my pillow.”…

… No villagers on the ground died…

… Around the corner from the Petropavlivka village hall, a piece of Flight 17′s fuselage remains in Mayor Natalya Voloshina’s relative’s cabbage patch

… Hrabove Mayor Vladimir Berezhnoi screamed at drivers and motorcyclists to get off the road…

… A few miles away, Oleg Miroshnichenko, a retired miner who became the mayor of Rozsypne about 13 years ago, felt panic as he heard two loud blasts and watched the remains of about 40 passengers rain down on yards and homes...

Villagers and emergency workers decided to start bagging bodies that were rotting in the sun. Local miners joined the effort. Heartbroken residents had been pleading in tears for the bodies’ removal.

In Hrabove, the workers set up orange tents in the field amid the corpses and stayed night after night. Villagers brought borscht, water and bread…Wall Street Journal

Three mayors of three mining villages, all closely tied to the future of the local billionaire and his empire. They all say pretty much the same thing; that the rebellion is hurting their local economies and they wish it would all just end. To say they are intimately related to the billionaire and his efforts would easily be considered an understatement.

These politically inclined mayors are the ones giving most of the impartial eyewitness testimony that so many are quick to cite here and elsewhere. I’m sure there are more, but you have to remember, these are mining towns and the local Lord who rules over them all, the one who lives in London by the way, has made his position very clear on this subject: it’s my way or the highway.

Therefore, I think it’s fair to say these “eyewitnesses” don’t add up to much. Not when compared to hard evidence that is.

And how funny is  it that this crash just happened to center in an area, supposedly controlled by “the rebels” but actually controlled by a globalist billionaire and his gaggle of complicit self-serving mayors?

Now, one might think that this expose of mine only goes toward showing circumstantial evidence of what I consider to be a rather obviously staged scene at this point and one would be right. But this is how investigations unfold. You take it piece by piece and look a little closer at the prevailing evidence we are being fed by the MSM and you evaluate it on it’s own merits.

In this case, I think these impartial witnesses of bodies raining down (like rockets from Gaza on Israel?) on that one road that connects them all, are a bit suspect. Like the incubator babies story, clearly these ‘witnesses’ have much too gain, and conversely much too lose, depending on how the secessionist movement goes in eastern Ukraine.

That’s my case and thus far… I’m sticking with it.

“But you STILL can’t just cite precedent as evidence, Scott! (huff huff)”

I agree.

Now, just for fun, let’s take a quick peek at a photo from that Wall Street Journal story of some of that debris that ended up right across from city hall according to one of the trusty mayors.

The photo isn’t used very often in the various news stories about the crash scene. See if you can figure out why. I included a hint or three in the photo.

what 3

what? … what? (pssst… 300lb section fell from 33,000 feet)