Source: Feds in "Emergency" Order of 8,000 GPS Tags For Illegal Immigrants

A source who works for a probation department in north Texas has told Infowars that the federal government recently placed an “emergency” order for 8,000 GPS tracking tags to be sent to the Rio Grande border.

The individual, whose name was provided to Infowars, said that he received a call from the probation department’s GPS distributor informing him that there would be a delay in the delivery of GPS devices to the facility because “the federal government ordered them to ship 8,000 GPS units to the Rio Grande in Texas,” and that, “the order had to be filled because it was a national emergency.”

The GPS distributor added that the tags were not being placed on children but rather were for adult illegal immigrants apprehended at the border who would then be “cut loose” and allowed to live in Texas.

The implication here is obviously that the federal government isn’t even bothering to detain or deport adult illegal aliens but is merely fitting them with GPS tracking tags (which can easily be removed with a pair of scissors) and releasing them into the general population.

“Who are these adults that need to be supervised by GPS?” asks the source, “We only place GPS on our chronic or serious offenders.”

The porous Rio Grande border has at been the center of a national conversation over illegal immigration that has raged all summer. Critics charge the Obama administration with overseeing a de facto open border policy where Border Patrol agents act merely as people processors and have no role in defending the country against criminals, drug smugglers and potential terrorists.

Texas Governor Rick Perry recently announced that he would send up to 1,000 National Guard troops to the Rio Grande border in an attempt to stem the influx of illegals, which include 57,000 children from Central America in the last nine months alone.

The depth of the problem is highlighted by the fact that armed citizen militias are now picking up the slack of overwhelmed Border Patrol agents, with more than 10 active teams patrolling the area from El Paso to the Rio Grande Valley.