But no other civilized country has opened its borders as widely as America

Mainstream Media: Americans Against Wide Open Borders Are "Anti-Immigration"

Source: Kit Daniels |
A television news station in Texas labeled Americans who support secure borders as “anti-immigration,” even though no other civilized country in the world has opened its borders as widely as America in the past few months.

After interviewing members of the Border Convoy, a group of Americans driving from the West Coast to Texas to educate the public about America’s collapsing borders, KVEO-TV in Brownsville, Texas, reported the group was “anti-immigration,” a label the group’s organizer, Eric Odom, rejects.

“Not once did we say we were opposed to immigration or did we call ourselves anti-immigration,” he said. “As we’ve stated with pretty much every media outlet that we talk to, we are here to demand a deterrent for bad people or diseased people coming into our country.”

“We have no idea who they are or where they’re coming from and there’s a legal immigration process that helps us determine those things and that’s what we support, we just oppose open borders and call for secure borders.”

The report by KVEO-TV, on the other hand, does not make a distinction between legal immigration and illegal immigration but simply labels illegal aliens as “migrants seeking refugee status.”

This is a standard propaganda technique used to condition the public into accepting lawlessness by appealing to their emotions.

“I’ve seen children five-years-old clutching their teddy bears, children I’ve heard of wetting their pants standing in front of [an immigration court] judge,” activist Sonia Nazario claimed on NPR in a rant designed to win public support for amnesty.

If you rightfully question this narrative, especially considering the thousands of gang members now flooding into America, amnesty advocates will likely label you as “anti-immigration” and someone who lacks compassion, even though supporting legal immigration through proper channels is obviously not anti-immigration.

Furthermore, no other civilized country is opening its borders like America.

A nation without borders is not really a nation and unbridled immigration only leads to the country’s deterioration and eventual collapse, so it should be no surprise that the United Nations, which has long worked against America’s national sovereignty, is joining amnesty supporters in encouraging illegal immigration.

U.N. officials are already present at various immigration detention facilities throughout the country and the globalist organization is placing pressure on American politicians to broadly designate illegal aliens, including MS-13 members from Central America, as “refugees.”

“I objected to admitting MS-13 gangsters into the U.S. and I was told that we have our orders to treat them like anyone else,” a Border Patrol agent told radio host Dave Hodges.

It is true that Latin America is plagued with extreme violence and poverty, but that’s been going on for well over 10 years and the current, unprecedented influx of illegals from not just Latin America but around the world has only occurred in the past few months.

The reason for that is simple: illegal aliens know that the White House, which has the U.N.’s best interests in mind, is now providing de facto amnesty and unfortunately, many mainstream media outlets are similarly supportive of insecure borders.