Thigh bone on Mars stuns NASA and alien life theorists: Do aliens need oxygen?


A thigh bone found on Mars is sparking a frenzy of excitement among alien life on Mars theorists. The image of the thigh bone was taken a few days ago by the MastCam of NASA’s Curiosity rover and shows a bone-like object lying on the surface of the red planet. “Simply put this shows that there were some living things on Mars,” comments one writer on Aug. 21 on NVO News.

The newly published Curiosity image of an apparent thigh bone half buried in dust among other rocks has alien life on Mars theorists point out that when it comes to alien anatomy, things might not always live up to people’s expectations. Who says that a bone of an alien has to be straight or similar to that of a human thigh bone? “Simply put this shows that there were some living things on the Mars.” Whether or not the bone is straight or crooked, does it really matter? For alien life theorists, the fact that Curiosity has taken a picture of an object that apparently is out of place and originated from something else is reason enough to get excited.

Even NASA admits on Aug. 21 that the image taken by the Curiosity Rover on Aug. 14 “may look like a femur thigh bone.” However, in contrast to the alien life on Mars theorists, NASA explains that its mission science team members believe that the bone is in fact a rock that was sculpted like a bone by erosion, wind, or water.

Unlike alien life theorists, NASA does not believe in some evolved form of life on Mars. If there was ever any life on the red planet, NASA scientists expect that any life on Mars would not be in the form of a fossil (certainly not a fossilized thigh bone), but that it would be in the form of microbes – extremely small and simple forms of life.

While the picture of the thigh bone on Mars has sparked alien life theories and a response by NASA, scientists point out that there likely has never been enough oxygen on the red planet’s atmosphere to support any complex organism. This is a scientific observation to which alien life supporters respond – who says aliens need oxygen?