Ebola Patient's Family Under Armed Quarantine

Disobeyed request from authorities not to leave home

The family of Thomas Duncan, the man Dallas man diagnosed with Ebola, are now under armed guard, quarantined in their home, following an attempt to breach the restrictions and leave the apartment building, reports the AP.

“We didn’t have the confidence we would have been able to monitor them the way that we needed to,” Texas State Health Commissioner David Lakey said when asked about the controversial control order.

Those under armed guard include a woman identified as Louise Troh, thought to be in a relationship with Duncan, a 13-year-old boy, said to be the woman’s son, and two nephews in their 20s.

The family were ordered by state health officials Wednesday to stay in their apartment for 21 days, the incubation period for Ebola. However, it seems that the family are not keen to comply.

“Who wants to be locked up?” miss Troh, told the AP.

“I’m not sick with Ebola,” she informed CNN in an interview, adding that she wanted “for [health officials] to leave me alone, leave my kids alone.”

The AP also reports that the family are due to be moved from the apartment so it can be decontaminated, a process that has still not been carried out, days after the diagnosis was made.

Troh told the AP that there are still towels and sheets in the apartment that were used by Duncan while he was there.

Officials have not made it clear where the family is to be moved to. An attempt to clean the apartment was thought to have been made Thursday night, but did not occur as proper permits had not been obtained.

On Thursday, it also emerged that five members of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department who were briefly inside the apartment have been temporarily put on leave.

According to reports, the officers were forced to enter the apartment on the orders of Sheriff Lupe Valdez in an effort to get the family to sign a court order forbidding them from leaving the building.