The Obama administrating has responded to criticism by appointing a bureaucrat to put a face on the federal response to the spread of Ebola in America.

According to CNN and the corporate media Ron Klain, a Democrat insider, will serve as a government czar, although he does not have a background in healthcare of epidemiology. He will report to White House homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco and National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

As a consummate Clinton administration insider and the former Chief of Staff of VP Joe Biden, Klain’s appointment – and his serious lack of knowledge on Ebola – once again demonstrates reality and genuine problem-solving do not govern the political class.

Klain, a lobbyist who helped the subprime failure Fannie Mae overcome “regulatory issues” and was portrayed by Kevin Spacey in an HBO film, will do nothing significant to address the Ebola crisis.

Once again, the federal government has demonstrated it is incapable of solving problems. It stands in the way of genuine solutions and is only interested in perpetuating its own power and projecting the illusion that is is serving the people.