The Sheriff of Clark County, Ohio has said that his office will refuse to participate in future ‘blood draw’ DUI stops after an Infowars story prompted a huge backlash against the checkpoints, during which drivers can forcibly have their blood taken by police.

A day before the planned checkpoint last week, Infowars published a story entitled “No Refusal” Blood Draw Checkpoint Planned for Ohio, in which we highlighted previous examples of how people have been forcibly strapped down by police and had their blood extracted while screaming things like “what country is this?,” in scenes which resemble something you would expect to see out of North Korea or Communist China.

The story prompted demonstrators to head to Clark County in order to warn motorists against participating in the checkpoint.

A WHIO-TV news report credited Infowars with creating the backlash, noting that the issue then, “got a lot of attention, drawing protesters from around the state who believe these no refusal checkpoints are unlawful search and seizures.”

The report cites a “libertarian radio host” as being responsible for the protests that accompanied the checkpoint, before showing screenshots of both and Prison

After the Infowars story was published, Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly was bombarded with emails and social media messages which were enough “for him to decide that the Clark County Sheriff’s Office will not participate in another no refusal OVI checkpoint.”

“If this is not a positive event then we need to find another way to do our job and create an environment of public safety, and I’m intending to do that,” Sheriff Kelly told WHIO-TV.

Springfield Police Division Lieutenant Tom Zawata told the news channel that the checkpoint was a way of “educating the public” that a warrant could be obtained to draw their blood if they were uncooperative.

“We chose to use it at this checkpoint as a way to make the public aware there is an opportunity and existing ability to attain a search warrant,” Zawata said.

The only people arrested during the checkpoint on Friday night last week were two drivers who turned away to avoid it. 464 drivers who went through the checkpoint were not found to be intoxicated.

The Sheriff Office’s refusal to participate in future ‘no refusal’ blood draw checkpoints, which came directly as a result of Infowars drawing attention to the issue and protesters descending on Clark County, represents a huge victory for the 4th amendment and will hopefully be replicated in other states.