President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama arrive on stage for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Phoenix Awards dinner, September 27, 2014 in Washington, DC.

It’s been a week since it was reported that the divorce rumors involving the First Couple – President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama – have intensified. Now, it is being reported by the Epoch Times on Friday that things have gone from bad to worse in the past week. On top of all the previous instances that have ignited rumors of a troubled relationship between the two, it is being said that there was another eruption between them after the president was involved with yet another ‘other female’ episode in his Chicago neighborhood last Monday when he voted early.

This may be an election the president ends up wishing he would have sat out. While the early voting incident was played off by much of the media as yet another cute, adoring moment involving the president and a very pretty lady, the president’s spouse apparently begs to differ regarding the cuteness of the public display that her husband was involved in again. As the story goes, President Obama voted early in Illinois for the midterm elections last Monday while he was in his home state of Illinois to campaign for Gov. Pat Quinn’s reelection bid and to raise funds for his Democratic Party, said Time Magazine. While voting, the incident that allegedly and aptly upset the first lady took place.

While voting, Obama was seen standing next to Aia Cooper, an engaged woman, as she voted. While Obama and Cooper were side by side, Cooper’s fiancé Mike Jones happened by and said to the president, “Don’t touch my girlfriend.” Light-heartedly, Obama calmly said, “I really wasn’t planning on it. There’s an example of a brother just embarrassing me for no reason, just for no reason whatsoever.” According to the National Enquirer, it wasn’t just another cute episode co-starring her husband and ‘another’ woman.

Instead, it was another female-involved incident involving the president that got Mrs. Obama hopping mad. When he got home, she allegedly yelling at him, “Get out!” Of course, the problem is that he’s the president and he is the one who would stay if they should separate while he’s in office – and she’d be the one to go, likely with the daughters and her mother in tow.

Giving credence to the story is the fact that it isn’t just the supermarket tabloids that are touching these stories about Michelle and Barack Obama’s awkward and alleged-troubled relationship anymore. For example, CNN is a major player in the media who had the guts to gingerlyy report on the president’s awkward-early voting incident the morning after it occurred. Of course, as expected of a major publication, it ran with the ‘cute’ spin on the story and appeared to have steered clear of asserting any embarrassment or sense of controversy for the first couple. That was left to the reading-between-the-lines accompanied by the reader’s knowledge of the rumors surrounding their relationship.

Previous reports of the president’s female-involved public moments include the president caught looking longingly at Alex Dooley, a 23-year-old college graduate, during a July 9 event in Denver, Colorado, says the National Enquirer again. Additionally, the Globe has recently run a piece recently suggesting that things aren’t all that smooth between President and Mrs. Obama. In that recent report, the cover of the magazine said “Obama sham marriage: It’s over!” The accompanying article claimed that Obama was accused of seeking another married Hollywood beauty.

Other stories on the topic included Obama’s fawning publicly last year over Denmark’s prime minister at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela. The recent incidents and rumors about the first lady’s explosive reaction to them contradict what Richard Wolffe wrote about the couple in his book “Renegade.” He wrote that the Obamas had settled their differences prior to Obama becoming president. He asserted that any problems after that have been cast aside for the sake of the couple’s political career and for the sake of their two daughters.

In spite of those previously published beliefs, this week’s publications indicate that the only casting aside may be Michelle Obama casting Barack Obama aside. Of course, it is no allegation that the president has low approval ratings beyond the walls of the residential quarters of the White House. MSNBC reported on Friday that Obama’s approval rating continues to sink just days before the midterm election.

But that’s not all. There have been recent rumors of Michelle Obama having an affair with a secret service agent on top of rumors that she may be a he. Then there’s the allegation that the first lady has accumulated a secret divorce file – which, if true, is no longer so secretive. Obviously, one may pick and choose any, all, or even none of the rumors one chooses to embrace. It all makes for some interesting, if not entertaining, reading on an otherwise slow news day.