Rep. Scott Rigell calls for paper ballots amidst numerous reports of irregularities in Virginia’s 2nd District

Video footage out of Virginia’s 2nd District shows a voter being forced to choose Democrat Suzanne Patrick over Republican Scott Rigell as an electronic voting machine refuses to accept his selection of the GOP candidate.

Ted Sibiga tried over 20 times to vote for Rigell but every time his vote was flipped to count in favor of his Democratic opponent.

“I asked for help and the election officials showed me how to correct it, but did NOT shut down the station. He said it was a calibration issue,” Sibiga wrote in the description to his video, contradicting Virginia Beach General Registrar Donna Patterson who said that every faulty machine was immediately removed.

A separate video from another Virginia Beach resident shows exactly the same phenomenon.

Rep. Rigell addressed the issue during a press conference earlier today, stating, “We know it’s going to grow through the day. That is not an anomaly, that’s a pattern, in each and every case it’s going against us and in favor of our challenger.”

Given the fact that the 2nd District is set to be one of the closest outcomes of the Virginia congressional race, it’s unsurprising that Rigell is drawing attention to the problem.

The Congressman even took to Twitter to warn voters to verify their selection before casting their ballot.

According to Rigell’s campaign, no less than 37 different locations have reported similar problems with electronic voting machines today.

“Rigell and the state GOP are calling on the Virginia Beach Supervisor of Elections to switch to paper ballots at the precincts where problems have been reported,” reports ABC 13.

As we reported earlier, electronic voting machines have been plagued by similar problems across the country, with the vote being flipped in most cases from Republican to Democrat.