During an appearance on Ronan Farrow Daily, Gruber tried to explain away his initial comments by claiming he was speaking “off the cuff” when he said that a “lack of transparency” was crucial in fooling ‘stupid Americans’ during the effort to pass Obamacare.

“I spoke inappropriately and I regret having made those comments,” said Gruber.

However, another video has emerged from a previous event which illustrates how the MIT professor’s characterization of Americans as “stupid” was a common theme during his public appearances last year.

The clip is from remarks made by Gruber during a lecture at Washington University in St. Louis on October 4, 2013.

“Mr. Gruber explains how Democrats played with the language of the Obamacare law so that it achieved their goals, by again, fooling the stupid public,” states Fox News host Megyn Kelly, before playing a clip of Gruber stating that the passage of a part of Obamacare was aided because “the American people are too stupid to understand the difference.”

Gruber was referring to the so-called “Cadillac tax” in Obamacare, a tax hike on high-end insurance packages which was concealed by taxing the companies providing the plans rather than taxing Americans directly. Given that the costs are passed on anyway, Gruber celebrated the fact that the measure passed because Americans were, “too stupid to understand the difference.”

The Obama administration has refused to respond to the controversy despite records showing Gruber was paid $400,000 dollars, that he visited senior officials at the White House a dozen times and was also present at a meeting chaired by President Obama himself.