Russian President Vladimir Putin has a concrete plan of invading Europe, taking it under his total rule. The covert plot was exposed by Germany‘s well-known newspaper, the BILD, citing credible sources from the intelligence community.

Mr Putin’s grand plan was reportedly outlined in a supposedly classified document titled “Putin: the new leader of international conservatism.” The blueprint was drafted by Moscow’s Centre for Strategic Communications.

“In Europe Putin dreams – and he has said this publicly – of having a sphere of influence across the continent all the way down to Portugal,” the newspaper BILD reported as quoted by the Express. According to BILD, Mr Putin’s strategy involves wooing different far-right political parties across Europe to support Kremlin’s political influence within the European Union.

According to BILD’s report, Mr Putin’s strategy includes hoarding gold through front companies, thereby giving the acquired gold to the parties it can woo as means of financial support. The report also suggested that various Russian banks and other financial institutions agreed to provide cheap loans to the different political parties that will be one with Mr Putin. Curiously, a loan amounting to nine million euros was approved by the First Czech Russian Bank of Moscow to a far-right political party in France, the Front National or FN, the Express reported.

Mr Putin had also reportedly met with right-wing parties in Vienna in May, including political parties in Bulgaria, Austria and France. However, his main focus was allegedly set to Germany‘s only “mildly-eurosceptic party,” Alternative for Germany or AFD, to get its vote in March against another looming western sanction.

Vladimir Jakunin, Mr Putin’s ally and “most important western networker,” was reportedly delegated to coordinate all willing political parties in a convention recently held in Berlin. Jakunin is widely known for his effective propaganda schemes that he was trusted to bolster the bonding among the “friends of Russia.”

All political parties wooed and potentially will support Mr Putin were named in a separate report run by The Independent. Aside from FN and AFD, the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party or NPD and the Social Democrats or SPD were also wooed by Mr Putin. These parties were also said to attend the convention in Berlin held over the weekend.

BILD was reportedly banned from covering the convention in Berlin because of its recent criticism against Jakunin. The newspaper had apparently condemned Jakunin for saying that homosexuals have an “abnormal psychology.”