Possible overture a response to U.S. arming Taiwan

China May Arm Hawaiian Independence Movement

Source: Kurt Nimmo |

According to a report filed by Bill Gertz at The Washington Free Beacon, China may provide Hawaiian independence movements with weapons.

Gertz cites Michael Pillsbury, a Pentagon consultant and author of the recent book 100 Year Marathon, who says the Chinese plan to send arms is a response to U.S. weapons sent to Taiwan.

“Beijing’s extraordinary sensitivity to American arms sales to Taiwan—even one bullet or a spare tire for a jeep—often provokes angry words,” said Pillsbury.

Pillsbury was told about the proposal by a number of Chinese generals and military hawks known as “ying pai.”

“A favorite comparison the ying pai has made to me is ‘How would the Pentagon like it if we provide arms to our friends in Hawaiian independence movement?’”Pillsbury told Gertz and the Beacon. “I was incredulous because I had never heard of such a movement in Hawaii, but, after checking I met a few of them.”

Hawaii has a number of independence movements seeking national sovereignty.

In 1893 the United States overthrew Queen Liliʻuokalani and imposed a military occupation of the islands that resulted in annexation in 1898. The independence groups consider the annexation illegal.

“When the United States military invaded our archipelago in 1893 and overthrew our constitutional monarchy, our fate as an outpost of the American empire was sealed,” writes Cultural Survival, a group advocating for the rights of indigenous peoples. “Entering the U.S. as a Territory in 1900, our country became a white planter outpost, providing missionary-descended sugar barons in the islands and imperialist Americans on the continent with a military watering hole in the Pacific.”